The best summertime cocktails are fruity, refreshing, and seemingly endless in their thirst-quenching abilities. Watermelon accomplishes this on its own as a snack, so it’s no wonder it can do it in cocktails, too.

With its satiating sweetness and freshness, watermelon is a welcome addition to spicy Margs, boozy lemonade, and everything in between. It’s flavorful enough to stand up to strong concoctions, mild enough to round out simpler drinks, and can sweeten even the saltiest rim.

Don’t know where to start? Below are seven of VinePair’s most popular watermelon cocktails, ideal for the hottest days and balmiest nights — drink up!

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The Spicy Watermelon Margarita Recipe

If Margaritas are your summer drink of choice and you’re ready to spice things up, this is for you. This riff takes the classic tequila cocktail to the next level, incorporating fresh watermelon juice and sliced jalapeño for a balance of sweetness and spice.

The Boozy Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Your health cleanse just left for vacation. Time to combine lemon, watermelon, ginger liqueur, gin, and rosemary simple syrup for a refreshing twist on a lemonade cocktail with a spicy kick on the finish. Float dry lemon soda on top for a bubbly sipper to pair with sandy toes.

The Watermelon Spritz Recipe

Update your spritz with watermelon juice, tequila, aloe liqueur, grenadine, sparkling rosé, and lemon juice for this tangy aperitif. Garnish with mint to complement this cocktail’s fresh, spa-inspired flavors. (Remember spas?)

The Salty Watermelon Recipe

Salt brings out watermelon’s natural sweetness in this tequila-based cocktail with added agave nectar and lime juice. After all, who doesn’t love a salty-sweet combo?

Bubby’s Watermelon Margarita Recipe

Bubby’s, an American-style diner restaurant in Manhattan, makes this heavenly watermelon Margarita. But this ain’t your grandma’s Marg. The addition of watermelon to the requisite tequila, agave, lime, and Cointreau adds a freshness that’s so good, we won’t judge if you want to drink yours with breakfast.

The Too-Tempting Melon Spiked Popsicles Recipe

We have just two words for you: boozy popsicles. These melony treats are summer’s new BFF. Puree cantaloupe and watermelon in a blender, and combine the mixture with vodka. Freeze, and enjoy these pops on their own or in a glass of sparkling wine, because you deserve it.

The Watermelon & Basil Margarita Recipe

This recipe is about as “healthy” as cocktails get. Refreshing watermelon is a perfect pair for earthy añejo, and — paired with lime juice and basil simple syrup — these ingredients offer light and fruity flavors ideal for serving in a salt-rimmed glass. Garnish with a sprig of basil to add some extra brightness to the drink.