Sweet, sour, citrusy, and crisp, orange is a flavor that can and should be enjoyed year-round. This versatile fruit is bold enough to stand up to vermouth and gin in a Martini, sour enough to sub in for grapefruit in a Paloma variation, and it can even complement the heaviness of hot chocolate.

Seeking inspiration for your next orange cocktail? Read on for some of our favorite citrusy concoctions, picked from the VinePair recipe library.

Blood Orange Paloma Recipe

This drink is a sweeter take on a Mexican classic. Substitute grapefruit soda with blood orange soda, and combine with tequila for a light and bubbly summer sipper. Salt your rim, and garnish with a blood orange slice for a festive presentation and added flavor.

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The Smoky Orange And Thyme Margarita Recipe

For a Mezcal recipe with ingredients you may already have on hand, try out this Margarita variation. Mezcal adds a delightful smokiness to this lively cocktail, and — when combined with orange juice and homemade thyme simple syrup — will instantly transport you to paradise.

L’Orange Martini Recipe

For a fresh take on a beloved classic, try this bright and refreshing riff that adds orange liqueur and bitters to the classic Martini recipe. Orange flavor and aroma complement gin and vermouth’s citrus notes.

The Orange Old Fashioned Recipe

Prefer dark spirits? This drink is for you. Spicy rye accompanies the warm citrusy notes of Grand Marnier and orange bitters. The result is a perfectly balanced take on a classic.

The Spicy Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good Margarita? The mixture of tequila, blood orange, lime, and jalapeño syrup equals autumn vibes in a glass. If you want extra spice and a deeper flavor, sub in mezcal for tequila.

The Grilled Orange Cobbler Recipe

This camping-inspired cocktail is rich with marmalade flavors. Grilled oranges are pressed with sugar, wine, and crushed ice for a balanced drink with a depth of flavor. The best part? This drink’s creator, Emily Vikre, calls this “more of a template than a recipe,” meaning you should feel free to experiment with any ingredients you prefer

Orange Hot Chocolate Recipe

Make this recipe, and sip a warm cup of boozy nostalgia. Hot chocolate, gin, Cointreau, and an orange garnish create a divine dessert drink that’s sure to make guests feel right at home. Top with a marshmallow to make your childhood self proud.