It can feel like celebrities live on a different planet than the rest of us. But they’re real people, just like you and me. They eat food (usually), sleep in beds (presumably), and drink alcoholic beverages (definitely). And, like you and me, celebrities have their go-to drinks.

For your consideration, here are 15 celebrities’ favorite drinks, according to their own words, lyrics, or carefully composed branding initiatives.

Taylor Swift

Diet Coke and vodka is her drink of choice, according to a 2016 interview with Vogue. Taylor Swift is a Diet Coke brand ambassador, though, so there’s no guarantee this isn’t a forced statement made under contractual obligation. After all, vodka and Diet Coke sounds pretty brutal. Rum and Diet Coke? Fine. Whiskey and Diet Coke? A Southerner on a diet. But vodka and Diet Coke? What have your taste buds done to you?

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Jameson and ginger appears to be Riri’s fave. Her 2011 song “Cheers (Drink to That)” mentions Jameson in the chorus (“oh let the Jameson sink in”). And in a tweet December 9, 2010, she replied to someone with the handle @RickysRegime, writing, “oh yeah, its a good time! Jameson+ginger…then you’ll wake up, hopefully naked in a strangers bed!! (sic) Lol.” An old post on Capital FM states that after “Cheers” came out, she told More! magazine, “I like a Jameson and ginger cocktail. It’s usually what I drink when I’m eating.” Rihanna also appears to be a wine drinker, if all the half-finished glasses of wine she walks out of restaurants with are any indication.

Chrissy Teigen

When considering celebrities’ favorite drinks, always look to the partnerships. Teigen told Supercall that her favorite drink is the vodka soda, but she also happens to be a spokesperson for Smirnoff. Teigen says that she’s been “a vodka gal since the beginning of time,” though, and that she drinks vodka sodas “because I can’t handle anything much stronger, honestly.”

Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch believes in living the spritz life, all his life. He told BuzzFeed that his favorite drink is the Aperol Spritz because “it’s really refreshing. It’s not too sweet. And it’s a nice, summery drink.” He also said he doesn’t mind a good Pisco Sour.

DJ Khaled

As anyone checking DJ Khaled on Snapchat can attest, the man has a lot of passions. And, per Taylor Swift, his favorite drink might be the one that pays him. To that end, there’s Belaire Luxe Champagne (mixed with fruit salad), Dussé Cognac (“the best Cognac in the world”), and Cîroc Mango and Green Apple. So maybe DJ Khaled doesn’t have a single favorite drink. Maybe his favorite drink is … wait for it … ANOTHER ONE.

Sofía Vergara

“The older I get the more hungover I get, so now I’m into wine, kind of boring,” Vergara told People. You do you, Sofia.


At the moment, Drake is probably partial to his own whiskey, Virginia Black. His songs, however, tell another story. In 2016 Inverse compiled a list of all 49 drinks Drake has mentioned in lyrics. Dom Perignon and Patron get the most play, but he also name checks Appleton Rum, Spades Champagne, Santa Margherita, red wine, rosé, and moscato. And, according to a concert contract rider leaked in 2011, Drake pre-games for performances with one bottle each of Hennessy, Pinot Grigio (“Santa Margarita only!!!”), Remy Martin 1738, Grey Goose, Patrón, Coconut Ciroc, and Moët Rosé. (That was for his private dressing room. His band only got a bottle of Appleton Rum and Hennessy.)

Jennifer Lawrence

Piña Coladas. In advance of the 2015 Academy Awards, JLaw said she was trying to work out how to get a Piña Colada tap installed at her table with Brie Larson. Her love for Pina Coladas appears to come from when she was filming “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in Hawaii. In 2013, she told David Letterman that during filming she “turned into such a monster. I was like drinking Piña Coladas. I’m like, ‘Get out of here!’” because she wanted to enjoy Hawaii with a drink in hand, not spend all day on set. (Life is tough.) She is also open to the idea of drinking wine in California if it’s for charity, but she admits that she doesn’t know all that much about it.

George Takei

Martini, according to a video on People. Oh, my.

Mindy Kaling

Dark and Stormy,” Kaling told People. “Ginger beer with rum, I think you can use gin also.” It’s perfectly respectable to like ginger beer with gin, but don’t let Gosling’s know you think its trademarked drink can be made with anything other than Gosling’s rum.


Moscow Mule. A behind-the-scenes video of Oprah camping and squeezing lime with pliers shows her dedication to the drink. “Ladies where’s mint?” she asks in the video before taking a drink from the copper mug and saying, “Oh, that is good.” Oprah then proceeds to take a big tray of copper mugs to her camping neighbors saying, “Yes, we come with gifts.” You get a Moscow Mule, YOU get a Moscow Mule!

Donnie Wahlberg

I’m not sure anyone is going to be surprised by this, but Donnie told People that his favorite drink is a pickleback shot (whiskey shot followed by a shot of pickle juice) with Jameson.

Cee Lo Green

We can’t all be minimalists. Cee Lo told People that his favorite drink is a Long Island Iced Tea with liquor from the “top shelf naturally.” Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Katy Perry

Tour riders, the list of demands musicians have for venues they play at, aren’t always the most enlightening. Musicians can throw whatever they want on there, from steamed garlic broccoli to a barber’s chair. But when it comes to alcohol, Katy Perry gets very, very specific: two bottles of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio, according to a 2011 tour rider obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Jennifer Aniston

Tequila, specifically Patrón and Don Julio 1942. Aniston told E! that when drinking tequila she prefers sipping tequila, but her husband Justin Theroux makes the perfect Margarita comprised of tequila, lime, and “a squinch of Cointreau.”