Have you ever wanted to hang out and drink wine with a celebrity for a good cause? Good news, because that’s exactly what Jennifer Lawrence has in mind.

JLaw has teamed up with Represent.Us — a grassroots campaign that raises money to combat political corruption, promote competitive and equitable elections, and to make sure our political leaders represent us. The partnership with Lawrence will help raise money for the group, and one lucky winner will get to go on a wine trip and picnic with her.

In the promotional video, Lawrence shows her sense of humor by playing a quick guessing game. It’s not like she has to make a hard sell to convince people to go on a wine tour with her, but she certainly makes an easy decision easier.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she says in the video. “Jen, why would I go wine tasting with you? You probably can’t even tell the difference between a review of a great wine and a review of one of your movies.” She clearly hasn’t read VinePair‘s guide on faking your way through a wine tasting.

Then, she attempts to blindly distinguish between wine reviews and some of her movie reviews. She’s handed a card with a review on the outside, and either a wine or one of her movies as the answer on the inside. She scores a correct answer for “Majestic and intense without being loud. That’s definitely not me. I’d say that’s a Sauvignon.” When she hers the ding meaning she’s correct she opens the card and laughs facetiously, “I’m an alcoholic.” At one point she’s thrown a curveball. The actress reads, “Doesn’t hold up to sober scrutiny, yikes. Passengers?” and there is a ding indicating she was correct that she was reading a movie review, but is shocked when she opens the card and discovers the description in not about her movie Passengers. “American Hustle?! Well,” she jests.

If this is a preview of what a wine picnic with Jennifer Lawrence would be like, the lucky winner is lucky indeed. Also a bonus, they surely won’t be drinking celebrity wines. Whoever wins and one guest will get to travel to California and go on the wine tour. They’ll spend the day tasting a variety of excellent wine while hanging out with the esteemed actress, having a picnic and playing lawn games.

To enter the contest, make a donation to Represent.Us.