13 Cocktails To Make After Your Apple Picking Adventure

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling slightly, the air is filled with so much pumpkin spice it’s purely intoxicating. Fall is upon us, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s time we all get with the program and EMBRACE it. Trust me, the quicker you give in, the sooner you can be pleasantly sipping a cocktail on your porch while wearing the coziest cardigan while looking SO cute. And isn’t that all we want out of a season anyway?

Now that you’ve succumbed to the greatest time of year, it’s important that you celebrate fall accordingly. By that we mean it’s time to go pick some MF apples. Not only is it a beautiful bonding experience for you and your loved ones, but apples truly taste better when you’ve yanked the picture-perfect one off the tree yourself.

You know what that bundle of sexy apples you worked your ass off for? Turn them into delicious cocktails.

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For those who don’t live near an orchard or simply refuse to step outside when there’s Netflix to be binged (don’t worry, I get it) you can make most of these concoctions with cider from your friendly neighborhood grocer. But if you’re truly a master of fall, you’ll take those freshly-picked apples and whip up your own cider, Martha Stewart-style.

These cocktails are perfect for anyone coming over to your humble abode for some post-apple picking drinks.

For Those Who Live For A Classic Pairing

Nothing more romantic than a beautiful bourbon paired with a crisp-as-hell apple.

Honey Bourbon Cider Cocktail by Hello Glow


The simplicity of this cocktail is what makes it beautiful and the pure decadence is what’s going to keep you sipping.

Aberdeen Apple Crush by The Clean Dish


Between the citrus, the apple, the bourbon and the thyme, this cocktail retains the iconic apple flavors but provides enough depth to make it fresh.

Hot Apple Pie Cocktail by Just A Little Bit of Bacon


Some like it hot, and this apple pie cocktail is perfect for those extra chilly nights when you break out your scarf collection.

For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Sangria

You can’t have a fall evening on your porch without some fall sangria.

Autumn Apple Sangria by Hostess With The Mostess


This sangria uses a red blend and brandy that will be soft enough to let those fresh apples and cider shine.

Moscato Apple Sangria by 3 Yummy Tummies


Perfect for those looking for a sweeter drink to brighten up their fall day, this sangria calls for white Moscato and mixes up apples, black cherries, and cranberries to turn your wine glass into a fall fruit harvest.

Caramel Apple Sangria by The Sweetest Occasion


Full disclosure, I love embracing a liquid dessert now and then. This sangria calls for a white wine, and a Chardonnay will perfectly harmonize with this candy-inspired concoction.

For Those Avoiding Bourbon

Fall drinking is all about being inclusive of everyone’s tastes.

Gin Fall All Over Cocktail by Creative Culinary


A lighter option to the heavier bourbon drinks, this cocktail takes the floral notes of gin and dances them with the crispness of cider.

Autumn Spiced Rum Cocktail by Honey & Birch


Star anise is one of the most underrated spices out there and its greatness is highlighted front and center in this spiced rum cocktail.

Apple Cider Moscow Mule by Home Made Interest


This Apple Mule is perfect for cuddling up with that special someone next to the fire a la L.L. Bean catalog.

For Those Still Denying That Summer Is Over

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Apple Cider Mojitos by Always Order Dessert


Everything you know and love about your classic mojito but spiced up with a cider twist.

Apple Margaritas by Food Fanatic


Because how can anybody seriously enjoy a good taco without a good margarita???

Cinnamon Whisky Apple Slushies by Go Go Go Gourmet


Perfect for those of us down South still sweating in the mid-80-degree heat.

For Those Refusing To Buy Apple Cider

Props to you for your Barefoot Contessa skills.

Slow Cooker Apple Cider by Thinking Outside The Box Family


This slow cooker cider means you can throw it all together in the morning and when you walk in the door from work start turning it into liquid gold for your cocktails. How ’bout them apples?

If these aren’t enough, you can check out this ultimate fall cocktail guide.