We Asked 10 Brewers: What Will You Be Drinking on Election Night?

With the final presidential debate already a distant memory, the intensity of the upcoming election is becoming increasingly palpable. But despite the partisan fervor, there’s still one thing many Americans can agree on: Everyone’s going to need a drink on Nov. 3.

VinePair polled brewers around the country to find out what they are drinking on election night. Ranging from stiff spirits, to a medley of American-made brews and important beer collabs, these brewers’ answers offer options sure to provide some respite for even the most anxious voters.

The Best Drinks for Election Night Recommended by Brewers:

  • Suarez Family Brewing’s Palatine Pils
  • Eagle Rare Bourbon Old Fashioned
  • Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout
  • Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard Ale
  • Reverend Spirits’ Straight Bourbon
  • Bowman Brothers’ World’s Best Bourbon
  • Divine Barrel’s Lead-Filled Snowshoe
  • Fort Orange Brewing’s Local Stout
  • Loaded Question Brewing Company
  • Oozlefinch’s Das Yummy Series
  • Tarboro Brewing Co. & Spaceway Brewing Company’s FYPM

Keep reading for details about all the recommended bottles!

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Palatine Pils

“Depends on who’s winning, really. Either a super-refreshing [Suarez Family Brewery] Palatine Pils, or I’m drinking all the whiskey I have.” —Joe Correia, Co-founder and Head Brewer, Torch & Crown Brewing Company, NYC

Eagle Rare

“With everything happening in the world, it is going to be an extremely emotional day, whichever way this landmark election goes. While I love all things beer, we all know emotions are best washed down with bourbon; it’s common knowledge. This is the reason [I’m choosing] to make my drink of choice on Election Day an Eagle Rare Bourbon Old Fashioned.” —Dylan Lintern, President and COO, NOLA Brewing, New Orleans

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

“If my candidate wins, I have an aged World Wide Stout from Dogfish Head. The age mellows out this beer, and it makes for a great celebration or just dessert. If my candidate loses, I have Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale, a bitter American Strong Ale to keep that bitter taste in my mouth.” —Jason Santamaria, Co-founder and Beer Architect, Second Self Beer Co., Atlanta

Bowman Borthers

“Honestly, while we love beer, this election night may require something stronger. We are big fans of bourbon, and tend to lean toward local Virginia brands. We will probably choose either our neighbors in Norfolk, Reverend Spirits’ hand-crafted straight bourbon, or Bowman Brothers’ ‘World’s Best Bourbon,’ and have it on the rocks.” —Chris Neikirk, Founder, Smartmouth Brewing Pilot House, Virginia Beach, Va.

Lead Filled Snowshoe

“For election night, I’m definitely going to want to have a few, whether it’s a celebration or a commiseration, so it’s got to be highly drinkable, but perhaps not so low in alcohol to make it truly sessionable. That beer, for me, is Divine Barrel’s Lead-Filled Snowshoe. It’s a 7.2 percent [ABV] West Coast IPA with all the bitterness and all the citrusy tropical notes you remember from the style, while still tasting modern.” —Todd DiMatteo, Owner and Brewer, Good Word Brewing & Public House, Duluth, Ga.

Fort Orange

“I’m going to enjoy our newest creation on election night, our Local Stout conditioned on vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. It is a big night for our country, and I’m going to enjoy a bold beer for the occasion.” —Jim Eaton, Co-Owner, Fort Orange Brewing, Albany, N.Y.


“Early November is always a fun time for beer! It is the perfect time to clear out one’s beer fridge of fall beers like Oktoberfestbiers, Märzens, and pumpkin ales, and make room for the winter warmers, holiday spice beers, and wonderful stouts. As such, my wife and I will put the kid to bed, then go HAM on any fall seasonals we have in the house. Depending on how things progress through the night, we will finish the night with Champagne or bourbon. We have already requested the following day off.” —Alan Windhausen, Head Brewer, Holidaily Brewing Co., Golden, Colo.

Loaded Question

People Power Beer. We have joined the People Power Beer movement and will be releasing our version of the beer for in-house tap sales as well as cans to-go. A portion of sales will go directly to the ACLU to help fund their programs. We will be enjoying this crisp, delicious beverage, knowing that if our beer made it possible for just one more person to vote in this election, we made an impact on our country’s future.” —Peter Mead, Beertender and Manager, Loaded Question Brewing Company, Portsmouth, N.H.

Das Yummy

“While election seasons are always a roller coaster of emotions, 2020 has been a dumpster year for all of us. I’ll be cracking open some eclectic beers from the Virginia area. Oozlefinch’s Das Yummy series is always a fun one to try, with its interesting flavors.” —Aaron Holley, Head Brewer, Wasserhund Brewing Company, Virginia Beach, Va.


“I’ll be drinking the FYPM, a Strawberry Milkshake IPA made by Spaceway Brewing (one of two North Carolina breweries owned by an African-American woman) and Tarboro Brewing Company. This is a collaboration that started in April of 2019 and evolved from a 3-barrel brew, to a 10-barrel brew, to a 20-barrel brew this past April. Briana Brake of Spaceway is an incredible force of nature raising an amazing young daughter named Queen who is a freshman [in college]. I will be drinking the FYPM to remind [myself] of strong women raising strong women during a time like this.” —Inez Ribustello, Co-Owner, Tarboro Brewing Company, Tarboro, N.C.