While it’s important to have the perfect bubbly accessories for New Year’s Eve, your party wouldn’t be complete without some additional gear to keep the festivities feeling top notch. Obviously, you need a few great appetizers, but we also found a great decanter (we didn’t want your other booze to be too jealous of your great wine gear), some wine-inspired fashion (you need to look your best), and a few other treats below.

New Year's Eve Accessories

  1. You know what would go great with these Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites? Some bubbly!
  2. One should always have little bites to go along with imbibing. We’d recommend pairing this Goat Cheese Bruschetta with a Chenin Blanc or Pinot Grigio.
  3. Alright, you’re on to us. We love goat cheese. These Blackberry and Goat Cheese Tartlets will go deliciously well with red Zinfandel. We love pairing dark fruit with rich dark wine.
  4. As cheese will most likely find its way into some part of your New Year’s Eve celebration, we’d suggest you keep with the celebratory theme by making these wine cork cheese spreaders. Not a big cheese eater? These would also be great for any of the dips you’ll be serving.
  5. Speaking of dips, the contrast between the magenta beets and the green burst of pistachio and dill in this Smoky Beetroot Hummus is just divine. Try it with Rioja.
  6. Cocktail napkins are a necessity at a holiday party. We suggest you go for this colorful collection from Half Hitch.
  7. While you certainly don’t need a proper sabre to sabrage a bottle of sparkling wine, you’ll look awfully cool showing up to the party with one of these bad boys.
  8. Why should your wine get all the fun (even if we are a little biased toward it)? This Brass Dot Decanter will keep your other liquor happy, or might we suggest making a wine cocktail ahead of time and storing it in this gorgeous vessel?
  9. Gotta keep those wine glasses straight. These reusable wine tags will bring order to party glass chaos.
  10. If you’re going to go through all the trouble of hosting a New Year’s Eve party, you need an outfit to match the occasion. We love this sheer burgundy top against this leather skirt. Pair it with this Crossbody Bag.
  11. Prefer to keep the outfit a little more simple? Try this Merlot Gold Bar Pencil Dress (and maybe bring along a matching wallet).
  12. This one’s a little out of our price-range (ok, who are we kidding, a lot out of our price range), but we couldn’t resist sharing this stunning Gucci runway dress.

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