What New Year’s Eve party would be complete without a little bubbly? While we at VinePair don’t believe that you need a specific glass for a specific kind of wine, we sure do think it’s fun to buy interesting glassware—especially for a celebration. The classic Champagne flute is perfectly suitable for your sparkling wine, but we thought we’d give you a few other options (plus a few bubbly accessories) for your New Year’s Eve festivities.

Sparkling Wine Accessories

  1. These Kate Spade Colored Champagne Flutes give just the pop of color your party needs. Plus, no need for wine charms.
  2. For you modern art folks we found the Inside Out Champagne Flutes, which emphasize the shape of a classic flute more than a classic flute on its own. They’re striking.
  3. Don’t want to deal with dishes but also don’t want to compromise on design? Try these Plastic Party Cups from Festa that come in various colors and sizes. Your guests won’t even realize they’re drinking from plasticware!
  4. Edible. Gold. Flakes. Need we say more? We bought a few bottles of these edible gold stars for our own New Year’s Eve bash.
  5. It is isn’t it? Buy these coasters at Cin Cin.
  6. Looking for a more vintage look? BHLDN carries Rosy-Cheeked Glasses that harken back to a different era.
  7. Stems are overrated. Who needs them when your glass is covered in gold bubbles?
  8. For some reason these glasses remind us of Jay Gatsby. We can just picture him walking around at a party with one of these Kate Spade Saturday Low Champagne Glasses rolling around in his palm.
  9. We know you don’t need a corkscrew to open your bottle of bubbly, but we didn’t want to leave your other bottles of New Year’s wine out! C. Wonder carries these bamboo openers with a gold finish that will not only get the job done, but will get the job done in style.
  10. We recently wrote about wine bottles that have embossed designs on the interior. We think Dainty Champagne Flutes are the perfect match.

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