Everyone should chill red wine for outdoor drinking.

The month of August isn’t just the last month of summer vacation, this month brings a plethora of reasons to imbibe. Here’s our guide to great drinks in August, with recommendations for drinking experiences on every day, giving you a reason to imbibe even when you thought one didn’t exist.

Saturday, August 1

It’s the first day of universal vacation month. It also happens to be National Mustard Day. Find yourself a juicy hot dog and a delicious craft beer. We recommend a nice crisp pilsner. Choose from some of our favorites.

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Have beer and hot dogs in August

Sunday, August 2

In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, go for a creamy and cooling Bourbon Milkshake.

Monday, August 3

National Watermelon Day – celebrate with an ultra refreshing Salty Watermelon Cocktail. 

Salty Watermelon Margarita

Tuesday, August 4

Try a decadent concoction on national chocolate chip day with a bowl of port-soaked ice cream.

pour port

Wednesday, August 5

It’s National Oyster day! We recommend a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with freshly shucked oysters. Consult this guide of which wines pair best with different kinds of oysters.


Thursday, August 6

National Root Beer Float Day is the perfect excuse to try a boozy float, or if you’re craving something less intense, go for a Crabbie’s Ginger Beer.

Have a Cabernet ice cream float

Friday, August 7

On Raspberries n’ Cream Day, why not try a Lindemen’s Framboise Lambic Beer.

Saturday, Aug. 8

It’s Saturday, and it’s likely pretty darn hot. It’s also National Frozen Custard Day. Make the most out of the day with a frozen margarita, or if you’re feeling especially adventurous, try a Mango & Strawberry Gin Slush.

Mango and Strawberry Gin Slush

Sunday, August 9

Head to the park with a bottle of bubbly. On a hot sticky August day, we recommend a light and frothy Prosecco. When in doubt, check out this chart comparing different kinds of sparkling wine.

Monday, August 10

Stick with fizzy and enjoy an effervescent glass of Portuguese Vinho Verde.

Tuesday, August 11

Head to the nearest rooftop bar for a classic Cosmopolitan, or make a Cosmo at home.

Wednesday, August 12

Switch the liquor, keep the glass, and pour yourself an after-work Martini. Here are some gins we recommend mixing with.

Thursday, August 13

Seems strange that National Filet Mignon Day would be in August; alas, indulge in it with a glass of Cabernet. Better yet, pair it with your own Bordeaux style red blend.

Friday, August 14

It’s almost the middle of the month, and you haven’t shared a pitcher of Sangria yet?! Now’s the time.

Have sangria in August

Saturday, August 15

It’s Saturday, and time for a boozy brunch. Try a cantaloupe margarita, a summery rendition of the brunch time classic.

Cantaloupe Margarita Recipe

Sunday, August 16

Stick to latin-themed drinks and have a Mojito!

Monday, Auguat 17

Ease your way back into the week with a low alcohol session beer, perhaps a Founder’s All Day IPA. Here are some of our other favorites.

Founders all day IPA is a great session beer

Tuesday, August 18

Celebrate National Soft Ice Cream Day with a swirly cone and ice wine.

Wednesday, August 19

Bring back the spritz with a glass of Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine.

Lambrusco is a great summer wine

Thursday, August 20

It’s lemonade day! Try a delicious Mango & Mint Spiked Lemonade Cocktail.

Mango & Mint Spiked Lemonade

Friday, August 21- Saturday August 22

This weekend, delve into the world of beer based cocktails. We suggest starting with a Brass Monkey.

Sunday, August 23

You need a booze-infused popsicle. Better yet, a Pineapple Wine Popsicle.


Monday, August 24

National Peach Day warrants a Peach Bellini!


Tuesday, August 25

Have an exotic banana beer made by Mongozo,a Netherlands-based importer.

Mongozo makes a banana beer

Wednesday, August 26

Celebrate National Cherry Pie Day with a maraschino-cherried Manhattan.

Use these rye whiskies in a Manhattan

Thursday, August 27

We tend to get nostalgic as the summer comes to a close. Reminisce with an Old Fashioned in hand.

Friday, August 28 – Sunday, August 30

Spend this weekend with a bottle (or two, or three) of rosé – you’ve earned it.

The Rosé Test

Monday, August 31

End the month the way you started it, with a low-key, high-quality craft beer.