Who among us doesn’t love the Disney princesses? These ladies face so many challenges (jealous step-relatives, imminent death, lovers who live in a different atmosphere), it’s only natural they’d need a drink. Here’s what we imagined the Disney princesses would be craving after a long day of princessing.

Ariel – Oyster Shooter

This is what Princess Ariel would drinkUnder the sea, the oysters are probably wicked fresh. Ariel would definitely enjoy this Blood Mary-esque shooter that’s topped with a mollusk. Cheers!

Sleeping Beauty – Irish Coffee

This is what sleeping beauty would drinkAurora, AKA sleeping beauty, needs something to wake her up. We figured whiskey-based Irish coffee would get her feeling peppy. We also made her hair realistic, because come on.

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Snow White – Seven Shots

Snow White would have seven shotsSnow White is the ultimate proof of how drinking with your roommates (all seven of them) is super fun.

Elsa – Vodka Snow Cone

Elsa would drink a vodka snow coneIt’s frozen. If you don’t like this joke, let it go.

Tiana – Grasshopper

Tiana would drink a grasshopperTiana is the frog princess, so she needs a concoction that’s both green and a little… jumpy. The retro dessert cocktail The Grasshopper is perfect for this stunner.

Belle – Moonshine

This is what Belle from Beauty & The Beast would drinkIn order to keep up with her betrothed, Belle from Beauty In The Beast needs something that’ll put a little hair on her chest. Moonshine is just the thing.

Jasmine – Michelada

Jasmine would drink a micheladaJasmine is no stranger to challenges. She hops on a flying magic carpet like it ain’t no thing. She needs a drink equally adventurous – the funky michelada!