Stop what you’re doing and clear your mind. Think back to a time when your only worries were summer reading homework and using a pool noodle as a water cannon. Think back to the beauties of the childhood summer.

More importantly, think back to chasing the ice cream truck, begging the driver to stop so you could get your hands on one of those Spiderman ice cream pops. Just because we’re a little older now doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the wonders of our youth — it just means we have to kick things up a notch. So we matched together some of the best frozen treats with the perfect wine. Talk about taking Have A Great Summer to a new level.

Frozen Lemonade – Moscato

Frozen lemonade - Moscato
It’s important to approach this pairing with a Sour Patch Kid mindset. You have the sour of the lemonade at the front and finish with the sweetness of the Moscato at the back. It’s a pretty extreme experience but one we keep going back to.

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Firecracker/Bomb Pop – Pinot Grigio

Bomb Pop - Pinot Grigio
The Bomb Pop is iconically patriotic as well as being a little tart. The three different layers of flavor complement the lemon notes of the Pinot Grigio.

Creamsicle – Prosecco

Creamsicle - Prosecco

Think of the creamsicle/Prosecco pairing as a frozen mimosa. The bubbly will not only cut through the creamy center, but also swim delightfully with the citrus exterior.

Character Ice Cream – Riesling

Character Ice Cream - Riesling

There’s something comforting, yet nightmarish about these character ice creams that makes us loyal customers. Ignoring the gumball eyes, these novelty treats aren’t that bad. A Riesling has just enough sweetness and fruit flavors to walk side-by-side with Spongebob.

Crunch Bar – Merlot

Crunch bar - Merlot

It’s a battle of the classics. An ice cream truck favorite, the Crunch Bar’s thin layer of crunch pebbles and chocolate is a perfect match for a balanced Merlot.

Chocolate Eclair – Cabernet Sauvignon

Chocolate Eclair - Cabernet Sauvignon

This treat is deliciously rich and chocolatey — enough to earn a Cabernet to stand by its side. The wine will keep a control on the chocolate and will even give it a slight spiciness. It’s divine.

King Cone – Bordeaux

King Cone - Bordeaux

There’s a reason that the King Cone caused a scene on Orange Is The New Black. The King Cone is ABSOLUTELY delicious and we believe it deserves only the greatest of wines. King Cone, meet King Bordeaux. I foresee great diplomatic relations between these two.

Strawberry Shortcake – Rosé

Strawberry Shortcake - Rosé

When you bite into a Strawberry Shortcake, there’s acidity from the berry center, but an intense, creamy richness from the outer layers. A slightly tart rosé will balance the weight of the ice cream but meld together with the fruit of the bar.

Fudgesicle – Syrah

Fudgesicle - Syrah

The Fudgesicle is death by chocolate to the extreme. A dark red wine, like a Syrah, is perfect for the intensity of the fudge.

Classic Sandwich – Burgundy

Ice Cream Sandwich - Burgundy

The Classic Ice Cream Sandwich is the go-to for summers by the pool, at the park, or even inside your kitchen (A/C all day, every day). While it’s nothing like the Chocolate Eclair, the weirdly spongy cookie/cake/deliciousness holding the sandwich together has enough cocoa to need a red wine. Burgundy is what the doctor ordered here.

Cookie Sandwich – Chardonnay

Cookie Sandwich - Chardonnay

Whoever thought to put ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies deserves an award. It’s buttery, it’s creamy, it’s perfect on a hot summer day…sound familiar? Sounds like a beautiful Chardonnay. Turns out true love isn’t that hard to find after all.

Choco Taco – Zinfandel

Choco Taco - Zinfandel

Dessert tacos? Sign us up—immediately. The Choco Taco is pretty self explanatory, and it’s rich as hell. A Zinfandel is prepared for all the taco has to offer and will stand up to its creaminess.

Klondike Bar – Pinot Noir

Klondike - Pinot Noir

The Klondike Bar is the definition of craveable. Just enough cocoa with its hard shell and silky ice cream in the center…we’re drooling already. A Pinot Noir is light enough to not overtake the bar, but also not too light to be taken over.