Wine For Santa

Children all over the world love to leave treats out for Santa, but we have a feeling that as much as Santa Claus loves a warm chocolate chip cookie, what he’d really love on a cold winter’s night is a nice glass of wine.

As a public service to the big man, we’re pairing the treats that children around the world leave for Santa with different types of wine. Leave a glass out for Santa, and we’re fairly confident he’ll make a return trip to your house next year. Only leave him one glass though, you don’t want Santa to get an FUI (Flying Under The Influence)!

Germany – Port
In Germany, the tradition is for children to leave no treats at all, but instead letters espousing their hopes and dreams. With all those letters to get through, we think Santa’s going to need a nice, stiff drink, so we’d leave a glass of port by the stack of envelopes.

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France – Merlot
We have no idea why children in France don’t leave anything for Santa, and instead leave carrots for his donkey, Gul, but in the spirit of thinking of the little guys, we’d leave out a glass of Merlot. Merlot doesn’t get as much love in France as its siblings Pinot Noir and Cabernet, so on Christmas night, it should get a chance to shine.

Britain – Bordeaux
In Britain the tradition is to leave mince pies out for Santa. We think the most appropriate pairing for this tradition is Britain’s favorite wine, Bordeaux, or as the Brits refer to it, Claret.

Chile – Carmenere
The Chilean tradition is to leave Santa a sponge cake filled with ginger, honey and candied fruits. While he’s chowing down, we recommend a glass of the country’s national grape, Carmenere. The flavors of coffee and chocolate in the wine will go well with the sweet cake.

Denmark – Sherry
Danish children leave a bowl of rice pudding out for Santa. While we aren’t particularly fans of rice pudding, and we’re pretty sure Santa isn’t either, a glass of sherry would go nicely.

U.S. – Zinfandel
In the U.S. we love to leave chocolate chip cookies for the dude in red, and since he’s probably pretty overwhelmed hitting so many houses, we’re recommending a California Zinfandel. The alcohol should help him relax.

Source: Socialphy