American Wine

Finally the day you’ve had circled on your calendar for the past year is upon us. No, not Memorial Day, or the last day of school, or Father’s Day, or even the Fourth of July. We’re talking about National Wine Day, a day to celebrate our collective love of wine.

The United States has come a long way as a wine-loving country, but when you think about it, we’re still in our teenage years, meaning we still make mistakes, are in the midst of figuring out what we do and don’t like and love to explore. So in celebration of National Wine Day, here are some fun facts that illustrate just how far the U.S. wine culture has come.

The US Drinks More Wine Than Anyone Else

The world makes it, and we drink it down. While we still might not produce as much wine as France, Italy and Spain, that hasn’t stopped us from leapfrogging France for the top spot of consumption.

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We Are Obsessed With Bubbly

American’s love their bubbles, whether it goes by the name Prosecco, Champagne, Cava or simply sparkling wine. Pop a cork and you can bet everyone will be ready with their glass.

More U.S. Wineries Are Opening Every Day

By the end of 2015 there were 8,702 wineries open and operating in the U.S. and the growth doesn’t show signs of slowing, which means more wine for all of us.

If We’re Not Drinking U.S. Made Wine, The Canadians And Brits Probably Are

We export more of our wine to Canada and Great Britain than the next 8 countries combined. On top of that, guess which countries we barely export any American vino to? You guessed it, France, Spain and Italy.

America Is Still the #1 Place Winemakers Around The World Want To Sell Their Wine

Sure other markets like China and Germany are growing, but across the board, the United States is still the most valuable wine market for most producers. That means we get access to bottles other countries only read about. We are insanely lucky.

We Still Drink More Chardonnay And Cabernet Than Any Other Wine Variety

There may be a growing ABC club – that’s Anything But Chardonnay – but it hasn’t had as big of an impact as many might think. Chardonnay is still the top selling wine variety in the country, even ahead of the King Cabernet Sauvignon. After these two behemoths the top sellers are Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

Most American’s Still Buy Their Wine At Grocery Stores

50% in fact. Because wine is a grocery, after all.

Washington D.C. Drinks More Wine Per Capita Than Any Other State

This seems appropriate, and depending on this year’s election outcome, that number will most likely increase.