9 Absolutely Stunning Cocktail Shakers

Shaking a cocktail already looks cool enough (or terribly embarrassing, and dammit why didn’t you start doing push-ups last fall like you said you would?). But even if not everyone can look like T Cruise in “Cocktail,” we can still look relatively great, provided we pick out an awesome cocktail shaker.

Fortunately, it turns out the world of cocktail shakers is pretty creative, giving us shakers that make us look pretty cool, even if the drink winds up not coming out the way we intended. In honor of, well, our general desire to consume cocktails, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest cocktail shakers out there. Now all you have to do is add some booze and shake it. 

The Nambé Klasp

Nambe Klasp

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If they made a cocktail at some point in Blade Runner or Demolition Man (or Hunger Games, fine), they would use this terrifyingly sleek little number. According to the producer, the shaker “captures the high-style modernist design ethos of strong shapes, simple materials and clean, confident luxury.” But also, yeah, if some aliens came and wanted to have a Margarita before abducting you, they would probably really enjoy the sight of this.

The Football Cocktail Shaker


Yes, it comes complete with its own “kickoff tee” and holds 24 ounces of whatever drink needs shaking up. Best used in game-related celebrations or commiserations when the instant replay shows that yes, the running back definitely stepped out of bounds. (And no, Pats fans, you can’t get a deflated version.)

The Metrokane Bullet Cocktail Shaker


Although self-described as having an “art-deco” kind of flair, this definitely looks like (and is named after) ammo. Bonus points for holding 28 ounces and yes, reminding everyone that you are not to be messed with. At least not until you’ve had a Daiquiri or two.

The WWII Silver Bomb


For some reason, artillery seems to lend itself to cocktail shaker shapes. Apparently this is less functional than fabulous, the kind of thing you buy and put on a shelf and hope someone someday will notice and whisper venerations at. It’s sterling silver and super expensive (£6,500), made by jeweler Theo Fennell, who also makes incredible, whimsical stuff like this.

Kelley Cocktail Shaker

Kelley Shaker

Let’s face it, nothing says you’re finally an adult like mixing a cocktail in fine crystal. You also probably have it because you recently were married and had the foresight to put this beauty on your registry. A bonus here is that the mixer is glass, allowing you to see what’s going on inside while you shake.

Vintage Hotel Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Vintage Hotel Recipe Shaker

Once in a while, you’re going to forget the recipe for the cocktail you want to make. But now, you don’t have to worry, because the recipes of some of the most popular cocktails in the world are etched on the side of the shaker. No memorization or iPhone needed.

Vintage Bell Cocktail Shaker


At least two cool things about this: it’s vintage (from the 1940s) and it’s made by Asprey of London, a luxury goods retailer that’s spent it’s non-cocktail-shaker efforts on creating crowns and scepters for actual royal families. Who require scepters. (Which look like this, FYI.)

The Lady’s Leg

Leg Cocktail Shaker

We all know the appeal of a woman’s leg. (It’s a major award!) This isn’t widely for sale, it’s actually a vintage find from a Goodwill store. But it’s in pristine shape (seriously, after 80 years, NO varicose veins??) and the heel is on-trend.

Dumbbell Cocktail Shakers


No idea why these dumbbell-shaped cocktail shakers cost exactly $6,666 dollars. (And 96 cents.) But they’re also vintage, from the 1920s—when drinking cocktails and doing the Charleston made everyone act silly and giddy and stop paying attention to the stock market. Variety and flapper dresses were the spice of life, but apparently fitness was also important. Or at least symbols of fitness. To put booze into.