Spice up your glass of rose wine

No matter what the weather outside your window looks like, June is finally here, which means rosé season is full swing. There’s no better time to enjoy a refreshing glass of pink, and basically no limit as to where you should be drinking it. Before bed? Sure. At your desk? Even better! While a simple glass of rosé is delightful, there are several ways for you to kick your sipping up a notch.

Add lavender to rose wine

Herbs and spices are wonderful in all sorts of boozy beverages, and lavender goes particularly well with rosé. Lavender is both aromatic and a little refreshing, so your palate will feel marvelous after every sip.

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Add fruit to rose wine

Though rosés range in taste, many contain bright fruit flavors like melon, or deeper jam tastes like berries. Let a little fruit soak in your rosé to bring out that natural sweetness that’s perfect on a summer day.

Add ice to rose wine

Make a rosé slushy by adding a little ice to your glass. You can go for a sangria texture by adding cubed ice, or a full on naughty snow cone by using crushed ice.

Add edible flowers to rose wine

Even though spring is coming to a close, you shouldn’t bid farewell to flowers just yet! There are a variety of lovely edible flowers you can add to your rosé to beautify your wine drinking experience.

Add bubbles to rose wine

If your rosé isn’t already sparkling, that is. Add a splash of seltzer, sparkling wine, or even soda to oomph up the fizz in your wine.

Add hard liquor to rose wine

Try adding a splash of gin or vodka to a glass of off-dry rosé. The extra kick of happy will add that much more relaxation to your day. If you want to make a special cocktail, try making our French75 recipe – just use bubbly rosé.

Add cream to rose wine

Create an indulgent rosé dessert cocktail by combining heavy creamy and thicker, more sugary rosé. Yes, your drink will be over the top – but it’s summer, why not be a little crazy? Accessorize with some cookies.