America’s 14 Favorite Christmas Cookies Paired With Wine [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all remember the days leading up to Christmas, baking cookies with our parents to leave for Santa, while stealing a few for ourselves, all in the hopes that those cookies would “sweeten the pot” and that gift we truly wanted would be left under the tree. When we’d wake up in the morning, the cookies would be gone, and usually the gift we had wished for would be waiting.

But now we’re grown-up and we know what really happens to those cookies left out for the big guy, they get eaten by the parents, usually while they’re still finishing-up the wrapping of gifts. And since every parent needs a little reward, nothing goes better with cookies than wine. Sure, your kids may like cookies with milk, but once you try these 14 Christmas cookies with their suggested pairings, we think you’ll be reaching for a corkscrew every time a fresh batch comes out of the oven, instead of opening a carton.

Pairing 14 Christmas Cookies With Wine - Infographic