Malbec Day

Happy World Malbec Day everyone! Didn’t know it was World Malbec Day? Well, it is! Good news is, it’s incredibly easy to celebrate. No decorated evergreens or patriotically-themed desserts required. (Though some Malbec Day fireworks would be pretty awesome.)

No, the easiest way to celebrate World Malbec Day is simple and screamingly obvious: buy some Malbec and drink it. But since you probably already knew that, and since overzealous World Malbec Day celebrations may end up with some of us having some leftover Malbec, we figured we’d provide a different, but equally celebratory, option: recipes.

Not to suggest you shouldn’t spend the day studiously learning about Malbec (which was born in Cahors, France, but couldn’t really cope with disease and rot and found a steadier home in Argentina). And certainly not to suggest you shouldn’t drink some Malbec straight up. But there’s always room to branch out when it comes to wine appreciation, which is why we’ve rounded up a few drinks recipes and even a couple actual recipe recipes that either do or could easily feature the varietal wine.

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Meaning if you didn’t have time to get your “Feliz World Malbec Day” banner printed, you can still throw an impromptu Malbec rager.

Jesus Juice from

Jesus Juice

Yes, there is a thing called “Jesus Juice,” and since we don’t mean any particular offense to anyone, let’s just assume it’s Jesus from The Big Lebowski. (Then again, nobody f*cks with the Jesus…) Basically a take on the Spanish Kalimotxo, this is a pretty simple, questionable concoction made with Malbec and Dr. Pepper. Diet Dr. Pepper, per this recipe. Because why let sucrose get in the way of a good buzz?

Sloe Malbec Cocktail from

Sloe Malbec Cocktail

Sloe gin, that misunderstood and over-sugared gin liqueur beauty, is making a modest comeback. Just in time for World Malbec Day. This recipe calls for “pressed Cornish apple juice,” but you can sub in a nice, moderately sweet juice or cider.

Pink Pear Rosé Wine Cocktail from

Rose Malbec Cocktail

A soft nectary fruit like a pear is a great compliment to the soft fruit and aromatics of a Malbec rosé. And execution is as simple as it gets here—pear juice, grenadine (the stuff that makes a Shirley Temple so awesome), and a rosé Malbec of your choosing.

Malbec Phish Food Cadbury Swirl from, er,

Ice Cream Float

We’re not ones to pimp our own stuff, but this thing is kind of ridiculous. If you want to celebrate World Malbec Day with one no-holds-barred glass of awesome, this just might be it. Messy, yes, but the way chocolate gets messy. The good kind of messy.

Red Wine and Caramel Summer Pudding from

Summer Pudding

They recommend a lighter fruity red wine in this classic summer pudding recipe (basically a giant inverted bread bowl soaked through with berries and wine). We think an Argentinian Malbec, with its softer tannins and stronger fruit, would work just as well, and maybe allow you to go a bit richer on the fruit selection. Plus, I mean, look at this thing.

Sagu de Vinho from

Sagu de Vinho

We’d never heard of this recipe before, but it’s a Brazilian staple—also, as one blogger notes, a pretty awesome way to get a bit tipsy “just by having a dessert” when you’re a kid. Basically tapioca pearls soaked in red wine, it’s a perfect vehicle for that bottle of fruity South American Malbec. (Actually only three cups worth, meaning one glass left for you.)

Poached Eggs in Red Wine Sauce from

Eggs Poached in Red Wine

This might look bizarre to the uninitiated (never combined breakfast food and red wine before?) but it’s French, hearty, and a great excuse to crack a bottle of red before noon. Mushrooms and onions can stand up to a moderately hearty Malbec. As for poaching those eggs, don’t go for perfection if you’re a first timer. If the egg is intact and still deliciously runny inside, you won.