Malbec World Day 101 – Your Guide To Malbec

April 17th, 2014 is Malbec World Day. We love the idea of wine themed holidays, so to celebrate we’ve put together an infographic summarizing the amazing growth of Malbec. We’ve also gathered our Malbec related resources. Give them a read while you’re sipping on a glass of Malbec!

Malbec 101

Our guide to Malbec. Learn about the grape, its origins, its flavor profile and more. Learn about Malbec now!

Lost In The Mountains Of Argentine Wine Country

Learn how a hike in the Andes Mountains in Argentine wine country led one wine drinker to discover a new attitude about wine and adventure. Read more about this amazing journey here.

A Malbec To Drink On A Cold Winter Night

If next winter is anything like this one, you’re gonna want to stock up on some Polar Vortex Medicine. Our recommendation? A great bottle of Malbec produced by Bodega Renacer.

Our #MalbecWorldDay Infographic

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