Do you ever feel like when you order a drink at the bar, you’re being silently judged? Well, you probably aren’t, but if you were, this is what that judgement would look like.

1. Gin & Tonic

Gin & TonicYou’re refined, classy, elegant, and subtle. You also have a great relationship with your grandfather and admire everything he does/wears. To paraphrase Macklemore, you’ll wear your Grandad’s clothes. You might have also studied abroad in London.

2. Old Fashioned

Old FashionedYou started ordering this drink because of Mad Men. Either that, or you loved this drink way before Mad Men, and it’s really annoying that TV geeks have all of a sudden started co-opting it.

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3. Martini

MartiniYou are supremely sophisticated without a drop of irony. Always dressed to the nines, you move with grace, style, and only a hint of cockiness.

4. Special ‘House’ Cocktail

The House SpecialDrinking the bar’s most famous, OG cocktail means that you’re adventurous. You’re not afraid to try something you’ve never heard of. You’re also not afraid to make eyes at the bartender. Come on, the bartender was flirting with you, right?

5. Tiki Drink (Mai Tai, Daiquiri, Piña Colada)

Tiki DrinkWait, but this didn’t taste like it had alcohol in it! It tasted like juice. So why are you drunk? Why, why are you so drunk?

6. Shots (Shots, Shots)

ShotsNope, you came to get drunk.

7. White Russian

White RussianYou’re a stoner, regardless of whether or not you’ve watched The Big Lebowski.