Which Shot Should You Have After Dinner?

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Have a shot after dinner

In college, taking shots was a method of consuming alcohol cheaply and efficiently. But taking a shot can actually be an endeavor that’s both tasty and tasteful. Instead of downing shots of cheap vodka blindly, take a minute, choose correctly, sniff, and savor. Here are four after dinner shots you should try.

After a dinner of…

Meat, starch, veggies

Try a shot of…

Bourbon topped with IPA.

The corn flavor and sturdy backbone of bourbon stands up to an equally heavy meal, while the hoppy bitterness of the IPA clears the palate.

After a dinner of…

Sushi, miso soup, shumai

Try a shot of…


While sake seems the obvious choice here, lighter Asian fare can afford to be topped with a heavier spirit. Introducing baijiu, a sorghum-based spirit originating in China. High in alcohol and unique in taste, baijiu is picking up momentum in the US.

After a dinner of…

Cake, cookies, and chocolate (hey, we’ve all been there)

Try a shot of…

Port wine

Port wine is Portuguese wine fortified with distilled grape spirits. Sweet, thick in body, and higher in alcohol than an ordinary grape wine, Port is an exquisite dessert wine that pairs well with heavier sweets.

After a dinner of…


 Try a shot of…

Amaro Montenegro topped with Chartreuse

Capping off a night of drinking with a shot seems celebratory, but choosing whiskey as your shot of choice might be a poor decision. Originally popular as a digestif, an after dinner digestive aid, Amaro Montenegro is herbal and sweet. Plus, who knows? Maybe all that booze sloshing around in your belly will go down easier. Beautiful Chartreuse liqueur adds another level of pungent sweetness.

Which after dinner shots are you fond of? Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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