Picture this: sipping a cold, flavorful beer on a Wednesday afternoon. That already sounds like heaven, right? Now imagine doing that in one of the most beautiful brewing facilities on earth. That’s what the staff at these eleven breweries get to do every day. Or so we imagine. We’ve compiled a list of the most glorious breweries we’re dying to drink at, because there’s nothing like a little job envy for humpday. Not that we mind our jobs here at VinePair – we frequently get to have a bit of fun.

1. Founders Brewing Co.

Founders Brewing Co. is so beautiful

We love Founders for their awesome session beer, but their mouthwatering deli menu and stunning taproom are pretty big draws, as well.

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2. Blue Point Brewing Company

Bluepoint Brewing Company is beautifulForget the haters, Long Island, you have plenty of amazing things to offer – including oysters and delicious beer. Swing by Blue Point to pick up a refreshing bottle of blueberry ale and enjoy all Long Island has to offer.

3. Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is beautifulOkay, so this is more of a museum than an actual brewery, but would you expect anything less from this epic Irish stout? Head over to Ireland to visit the Guinness Storehouse and have yourself a pint poured properly.

4. Stoudts Brewing Company

Stoudts Brewing Company is beautiful

Speaking of stouts, we’re pretty fond of Stoudts Brewing Company. In addition to a list of classic and seasonal beers, Stoudts has a whimsical, adjoining antique store. Drunken shopping never sounded so good!

5. Lagunitas Brewing Company

Lagunitas is beautifulCalifornia-based Lagunitas is known for their creative beer interpretations. Their brews have also been associated with a certain herb. We love their IPA, and of course, that view.

6. Goose Island Beer Co.

Goose Island Brewery is beautifulBy now, you know we love all beers animal associated, so Goose Island had to make this list for their amazing (and ambitiously worded) goose sign.

7. Brewery Ommegang

Brewery Ommegang is beautifulOmmegang Witte has got to be one of our favorite beers of all time, so it’s fitting it would come from a brewery set amongst such a stunning backdrop. Located in New York, Ommegang produces a range of award-winning beers. They even brew a Game of Thrones themed saison named Three-Eyed Raven.

8. Stella Artois

Stella Artois is beautifulWe love a good bottle of Stella on a picnic day, but we’d really love to drink this Belgian beer inside their palatial brewery. In fact, we’re thinking we’d like to move our offices to the room pictured…

9. Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing is beautifulKeeping in line with our animal loving theme, we’re pretty into these proud, tie-wearing animals adorning these tanks. In fact, Monday Night Brewing loves neckties so much, they have an impressive wall of them. Apparently if you donate one of your own, you get a buck off a pint glass.

10. New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing Company is beautifulCreative, sustainable, and now creating  a beer with Ben & Jerry’s – New Belgium Brewing has a lot to be proud of. This courtyard looks like a place we’d sit down with a salted caramel brownie brown ale any day of the week.

11. Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.

Lucky Bucket Brewing is beautifulLucky Bucket Brewing is a great destination spot for an afternoon of fun. Try as much beer as you can handle in their rustic tasting room, or even book a private tour for a mere $8. If you prefer to be social, group tours are even less expensive at $3 a pop. Just show up fifteen minutes before the tour starts and buy a ticket at the brewery.

All images courtesy of their respective breweries, except for the Stella Artois image, courtesy of SilentUK