Our Friday went from calm to raucous in under a minute. Why? because the folks at Nipyata sent us (you guessed it) a piñata filled with nips of alcohol. The premise of Nipyata is pretty simple, the company takes a piñata, fills it with booze, and ships it off to you, along with the requisite blindfold and bashing baton. While a simple business idea, it’s also pretty clever – we can see this being ordered at many a twenty-first birthday and bachelor party.

Immediately smitten with our adorable Nipyata, we were hesitant to break it. However, we got past our attachment for the sake of good fun. After a few good swings, the Nipyata split open and rained booze. Needless to say, alcohol flying everywhere is definitely an office treat. Adam and Aliza also got to try Fireball for the first time. Our only complaint is that we wish there had been more nips! Maybe our blood was heated up by all that physical exertion, but we were ready to drink.

We also noticed that some of the nips were wrapped with… curious messages. Check it out:

We broke open a nipyata
“You will contract gonorrhea tonight. Take this to ease the pain.”

Premonitions aside, the Nipyata was a lot of fun. We’ll miss him. RIP.

We broke open a nipyata
Taken from us too soon.