Reviewed on 09-05-2019
Rating A-
Style White
Vintage 2017
ABV 11.5%
Price $15.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Impressing On A Budget, Popping Bottles, Taco Tuesday

Drink If You Like

Albariño, Riesling , Sauvignon Blanc

The Full Review

If you are on the fence about Riesling this is the bottle that will ease you into the fray. It’s $15, under screw cap and is all kinds of balanced with lemon and lychee aromas. The acidity grabs hold of your palate, then releases with ease. It says dry and means it, with low residual sugar (natural sugars left over from the fermentation process) letting the acidity do most of the work. A Taco Tuesday, Spicy BYOB, buckets of fried chicken or even a nice meal with a filet of white fish will let this wine shine.