Reviewed on 10-11-2019
Rating A-
Style Red
Blend , Graciano
Vintage 2016
ABV 13.5%
Price $12.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Chilled Red Cravings, Pleasing A Crowd, Popping Bottles

Drink If You Like

Merlot, Pinot Noir , Tempranillo

The Full Review

I see, you're one of those awesome humans that likes to have wine on offer in case of a spontaneous get together from your group text (weeknight game night!). I get it, you want some great wine for the nibbles to put smiles on faces, but don’t want to spend the mortgage. This bottle has been hiding from you in plain site on every wine shelf you see. It is vibrant and juicy with great acidity. It has bright berry fruit. It has a soft body you just wanna chew on. It benefits from a chill in the summer, and is great at room temp in fall. Go out there, you awesome host with the most, and grab a case of this very affordable wine. #wegotyou