Reviewed on 10-11-2019
Rating B
Style Red
Vintage 2016
North Coast
ABV 15%
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Perfect For

Backyard BBQs, Party Wine, Pleasing A Crowd

Drink If You Like

Malbec, Merlot , Zinfandel

The Full Review

The label references a time in California before Prohibition when we were sussing out our wine culture. The wine in the bottle, on the other hand, references the definition of modern winemaking. Soft around the edges and hot to the core the wine shows some blackberry fruit and saccharine vanilla. It is quite balanced, just not very complex. It’s a good bottle for backyard BBQ’s (maybe the ones with fireworks) or a party where wine is not the focus. It’s easy drinkin’ and high in alcohol, so stay hydrated out there.