Reviewed on 01-02-2020
Rating A-
Style White
Blend , Verdejo
Vintage 2018
North Coast
ABV 13.4%
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Perfect For

Drinking Outside the Lines, Treat Yo'self, Wine Geeks

Drink If You Like

Albariño, Chenin Blanc , Verdejo

The Full Review

Damn this wine is good and on the grippy side of balance. The nose is like slicing open a fresh white peach and breathing it in. Or like biting into a ripe pear. The acidity is right where it needs to be to lift up on the center of the palate, while gripping you with whatever tannin the winemaker could coax out, on the sides of your tongue. It is an excellent example of white wine balance, and an amazing wine for gathering with good friends on a sunny day and noshing on fresh grilled veggies, and maybe some lemon grilled chicken topped with fresh goat cheese. It’s only available on e-commerce and pricey, but justified.