Buying Margarita Mix? You’ll Need These Crystal Margarita Glasses

With Cinco de Mayo approaching, millions of Americans are starting to think about Margaritas. Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans never stopped thinking about Margaritas.

For those who’ve become too acquainted with the frozen version to remember the cocktail’s core recipe, the classic Margarita remains a simple mix of lime juice, tequila, and triple sec. Of course, at this point, these ingredients serve as more of a jumping off point than a steadfast rule, and plenty of riffs on the Margarita have surfaced.

Today, there are wintery versions, spicy versions, and very, very brunch-y versions so the Margarita has really become kind of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of cocktail. For many, there’s no easier adventure than simply securing the right margarita mix, but these (easy) cocktails may require a little extra styling before serving.

The best Margarita glass

That’s why when we serve Margaritas made with Margarita mix, we use these classic Crystal Margarita Glasses. Made with beautiful lead-free crystal, these glasses can accommodate up to 12 ounces, so even the juiciest Margaritas will fit comfortably. Plus, they are extremely elegant, so nobody will know you took a shortcut when making your pitcher of Margaritas. Each set comes with two glasses, so you’ll be ready to toast to every success — and a miraculously sunny summer day — with your favorite Margarita aficionado.

The delicate design remains incredibly sturdy, despite its light and modern silhouette. The wide rim is just the right size for a careful dusting of smoked sea salt or tamarind, so you’ll be able to serve and garnish however you please. Armed with these glasses you’ll be able to always rest assured you made the perfect margarita — even if you had a little help from Trader Joe’s.