Do Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Actually Make Your Drink Taste Better?

Fresh lime? Check. Quality bottle of vodka? Check. Artisanal ginger beer? Check. You wouldn’t skimp on buying the best ingredients when it comes to making a cocktail, and the same should be true for your barware. Aesthetics aside, we’re of the camp that a copper Moscow Mule mug not only looks good hanging from a hook in your kitchen, but also make your drink taste better — even if it’s only your brain playing tricks on you.

While there’s no scientific evidence stating that copper has some magical reaction with the ingredients in this beloved cocktail, making it taste better than it already does (damn near impossible, if you ask us), you’d be hard-pressed to deny the complete gratification of grabbing the handle of an icy, sweaty copper mug and drinking from it on a hot day. We’re craving a Mule (or two) just thinking about it.

So without further ado, here are a few of our favorite mugs currently on the market:

Hammered copper moscow mule mug set of two

As handsome as they are functional, this set of two hammered Moscow Mule mugs is a must. The copper-plated exterior is a playful twist on the traditional and the interior made with restaurant-grade stainless steel, creating the ultimate accessory for crafting elegant (and safe) cocktails.

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Faceted moscow mule mug

If something a little more design-forward is the look you’re going for, check out this gem-inspired Faceted Moscow Mule Mug, which fits perfectly in the hand.

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Modern moscow mule mug

Or for those who prefer to keep it simple, this sleek Modern Moscow Mule Mug’s no-frills exterior will let the drink do the talking.

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