10 Sustainable Products You Should Have On Your Bar Cart

With the rise in home bartending, many are wondering how they can keep their bar cart as “green” as possible. For these eco-friendly imbibers, we’ve rounded up some of the easiest sustainable products to sub in for plastic options, just in time for spring cleaning — and Margarita weather.

So for those who are not satisfied simply drinking their favorite “green” solutions, read on for the bar and glassware that rings just as “eco-friendly”as your favorite natural, biodynamic, and (hopefully) sustainable wines. Because it’s one thing to take a stand and try to focus on only drinking the most ethically produced spirits and mixers, but by focusing on the tools you use for serving, you can really strive for a 360 approach.

The rise in eco-friendly barware has been largely fueled by the desire to eliminate single use plastics. Now, with millions of people mixing everything from Manhattans to Ranch Water more conscientiously, there’s no excuse for keeping products like plastic straws in your kitchen.

Moreover, any excuse to cut down on your daily waste should be coupled with the desire to find products that are not only reusable, but frankly reliable. There’s no sense in purchasing a reusable, plastic to-go cup that you’ll end up throwing out within the year.

Instead, millions are replacing their traditional plastic bar cart staples with metal options because of their long lifespans. Others are giving glass a second chance with beautiful, recycled glass products. There’s a million ways to preserve a garnish beyond tupperware, and some are looking to reusable silicone — or even beeswax — wrappings and containers.

Whatever your style, read on to shop our list of 10 sustainable accessories and barware staples.

10 Sustainable Products You Should Have On Your Bar Cart

  1. Five Two Silicone Straws
  2. Recycled Glass Drink Dispenser
  3. Moroccan Recycled Bottle Glasses & Carafe
  4. Color Drop Enamel Tumbler
  5. Recycled Glass Decanter with Wood Stopper
  6. Hammered Copper Boston Shaker
  7. Copper + Gold Strainer Spoon
  8. Reusable Beeswax Food Storage Wraps
  9. Reusable Silicone Food Savers
  10. Eco-smart Polyglass Cutting Board

Read on to learn about all the featured products!

Five Two Silicone Straws

The best reusable straws for cocktails.
Credit: Food52

While yes, thousands of reusable straws have come and gone, these may just be our favorite — and yes, they’re sure to stay. Not only are they adorably bright and safe to use in anything from your favorite spritz to Mojito, but they’re so soft and bendy, folding them up to go is a breeze.

Each set comes with 10 straws and four “squeegees” for easy clean up, and are entirely dishwasher safe. Best of all, the set includes portable carrying cases for folding your straw up on the go. Made with platinum-grade silicone, and always BPA and BPS free, these straws are sure to stand up to even the strongest hard coffee.

Price: $25

Recycled Glass Drink Dispenser

The best recycled glass drink dispenser
Credit: Terrain

When it comes to batching cocktails, it’s not often easy to find a “sustainable” option. Summers past have led many to stack up cooler after cooler with canned cocktails or hard seltzers, when batching was always the greener way to go! For those who are ready to kick RTD trash to the curb, look no further than this drink dispenser. Made with recycled glass, it will hold up to six liters, and can be popped right into the dishwasher when the punch runs dry!

Price: $58

Moroccan Recycled Bottle Glasses & Carafe

The best recycled glassware.
Credit: Food52

There’s nothing better for summer entertaining than the perfect glass and carafe set. We love this option because its beldi glasses feature a raised edge so you can serve anything from ice cold cocktails to a warm (spiked) tea without ever worrying about handling.

Made in Morocco from recycled soda and beer bottles, this set is entirely dishwasher safe and sure to impress even the most eco-friendly entertainers. Available in a variety of sizes, make sure to scoop up as many as you can before they sell out!

Price: $32-$75

Color Drop Enamel Tumbler

The best colorful, stainless steel tumblers.
Credit: Terrain

Who says that eco-friendly has to mean boring? Far from it, as these adorable tumblers are all made with stainless steel (one of the most reliable materials for barware out there) and are sure to last a long time on your bar cart. Each one is hand-painted and dishwasher safe, so you can feel as good about clean-up as you do about drinking up!

Price: $24

Recycled Glass Decanter with Wood Stopper

The best recycled glass decanter.
Credit: Food52

Still looking for the perfect wine decanter? Well you’re in luck, because this elegant option is made with recycled glass and topped with a sustainably sourced caro caro wooden stopper.
Not only will this decanter help your most complicated wines really open up (and bloom into their true form) but because of it’s sustainable design, even you’ll be able to breathe easier.

Price: $60

Hammered Copper Boston Shaker

The best recycled copper barware.
Credit: Food52

Sure, we all love a little extra copper on our bar carts, but when it comes to metal barware, finding a recycled option can be harder than you’d expect. Luckily, this beautiful copper cocktail shaker is made with 100 percent recycled copper, so you can keep on shaking up all your favorite drinks in classy, eco-friendly style.

Price: $94

Copper + Gold Strainer Spoon

The best copper bar tool.
Credit: Terrain

What goes better with copper than gold? While metal strainer spoons are a common tool, opting for a thicker option can save you from throwing out a flimsier option later. We love this option because it’s such an easy way to elevate your bar cart, and will look as lovely on a home bar as it will on your brunch table — Bellinis anyone?

Price: $34

Reusable Beeswax Food Storage Wraps

The most sustainable way to preserve food is to use these beeswax wraps.
Credit: Terrain

Find yourself drowning in plastic containers from nights of take-out past? Don’t lose sleep over debating to recycle them, because now there is a better food-storage option. The next time you’re wondering how to preserve your favorite herbs or garnishes, look to these reusable beeswax wraps. Made with cotton and organic, pesticide free materials (like beeswax and coconut oil), these food safe wrappers are great for preserving your favorite cocktail-ready produce.

Price: $28

Reusable Silicone Food Savers

Made with food-safe silicone, these "food savers" are a great way to save food.
Credit: Food52

If beeswax isn’t quite your thing, there are plenty of other eco-friendly ways to preserve your favorite citrus or Mimosa decor. These “Food Savers” are entirely BPA-free and made with reliable food-grade silicone, so they’ll keep all your favorite ingredients safe until you’re ready to use them. This set is especially great for home bartenders because it includes 2 citrus savers, which will keep your lemon wheels from rolling off.

Price: $28

Eco-smart Polyglass Cutting Board

The best cutting board made with recycled plastic.
Credit: The Container Store

If you’re trying to keep your home bartending set up as close to the real deal as possible, you’re going to need a reliable cutting board for slicing up some citrus wheels. We love this option because it’s made of recycled polypropylene (a complex plastic) and glass, and of course dishwasher and food-safe. Best of all, when it finally comes time to kiss this cutting board goodbye, you can actually recycle it!

So get ready to put an end to single-use waste, with this recyclable board that’s sure to make the cut.

Price: $20