7 Metal Objects You Should Have On Your Bar Cart

Look we know you try to get away from plastic in every way you can — but somehow it just keeps worming its way into your existence. That’s why we picked out seven metal items that will elevate your bar cart, and help you make the sustainable switch for good.

If we’re being honest, taking the time to replace every plastic object in your home can feel intimidating. That being said, we all know it’s bad for the environment, and when it comes to serving cocktails, it isn’t the most refined material for your drink-making experience. Switching to metal is more sustainable, and infinitely more chic.

If you want to do your part to ensure that your straws are serving their intended purpose (helping you enjoy a drink) and not destroying oceanic ecosystems, metal is the way to go. And why not pair your straws with some matching shakers?

Because let’s be real, the most important part of drinking is the liquid itself. An aged bottle of booze is a thing of beauty and patience, and it deserves more than any old ice cubes you’ve scrounged around for in your freezer.

If your refrigerator doesn’t have an ice maker, you have to endure the soul-crushing task of refilling an ice tray, balancing it on your Jenga-esque pile of frozen mozzarella stick boxes, and waiting for it to freeze before serving it in your drink — then, it inevitably melts and dilutes that precious serving of firewater. With some whiskey stones or wine globes, this struggle will be one of your past.

Follow along for more ways to make your bar cart more convenient (and more sustainable), with this list of our best metal bar accessories — all of which are available for 20% off with code GREEN20 at checkout during our Sustainability Week Sale. Grab them before midnight on 4/25 to make sure you make the most of Sustainability Week!

Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes (Set of 4)

The best whiskey cubes for whiskey fans

A watered-down glass of whiskey is the bane of any connoisseur’s existence — a good glassful is cut just with a splash to accentuate the flavor compounds and bring out complexities in the spirit. A highball diluted by melted ice can be ruined in the blink of an eye, and getting it just right is an art form — so why not have the proper tools to curate your masterpiece?

Simply fill these stainless steel cubes with the desired amount of water and store them in the freezer. You’ll never have to deal with a diluted drink again, so bring out your best Scotch, Bourbon, or Rye.

Skull Whiskey Stones (Set of 2)

The coolest whiskey stones for bourbon lovers.

If you feel like your bar cart is missing an essential edginess, these skull-shaped whiskey stones are here to solve your problem. Whether you’re looking to make a statement, or just want to add a touch of macabre to your imbibing experience, these stones are perfect.

Drop this chilled pair in your glass and enjoy all the flavor and texture of ice without the fuss. If you’re looking to coordinate (but also keep it punk rock) you can even go for a Glass Skull Decanter.

Glacier Rocks Stainless Steel Wine Globes (Set of 4)

The best wine globes for wine lovers.

Nothing sours the sweetness of a bottle of Riesling like forgetting to put it in the fridge. Or, watering it down with ice cubes until it tastes more like a helping of grape juice.

Avoid that disappointment by investing in some wine globes. This set comes with four freezable globes made of stainless steel, which will freeze in just four hours. Once they’re chilled, go ahead and pop them in your glass to toast.

Copper Cocktail Straws (Set of 4)

The best metal straws for eco-friendly drinkers

Not only does copper make your drink infinitely more appealing, but used here in this straw, the metal will keep your drink cold until the moment it hits your lips. Made with stainless steel so you know they have a long lifespan, these straws are then coated in copper for a little extra oomph.

Each set comes with four straws so you’ll have plenty to go around, and can keep one on hand whenever you leave the house.

Copper Contoured Cocktail Shaker

The best copper cocktail shaker for bartenders

What better way to match your copper straws than with a copper shaker? Copper doesn’t have to be limited to just your Moscow Mules, but we’re pretty sure they’d taste particularly delightful after coming out of this shaker.

This shaker can hold up to 25 ounces at one time, and is made with copper and stainless steel so you know it’ll stand up to even the strongest home bar tending. Pop your ingredients in and give it a healthy shake for the quick, cold cocktails of your dreams.

Cocktail Pick Set

The best cocktail picks for martinis.

A cocktail pick is an easy way to add a dash of class to your libation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spearing olives or lychees (whatever type of Martini you’re in the mood for), these cocktail picks will bring your drink to the next level.

Available in six packs of silver and gold, so you can pick your poison — and your guests’ poison too. Your living room will be feeling like a swanky bar in no time.

Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker

The best cocktail shaker for cocktail fans.

A good shake can warm your soul as much as it cools your drink. This heavyweight cocktail shaker can help with that; as its extra weight makes for a more satisfying — albeit quieter — shake.

The thicker walls mute the sound of the ice cooling your drink, and the smaller size gives the bartender more control. It holds 500 mL, so there’ll be no shortage of cocktails to go around. It also has a built-in strainer, so what’s not to love?