5 Easy Ways to Switch to Eco-Friendly Glassware

For some, choosing a wine glass is tricky enough, so it may seem intimidating to have to select the perfect, sustainable option for your nightcap. That being said, we’ve simplified the process by rounding up some of our favorite pieces below, with glasses for everything from wine to cider to Sake.

Today, it’s important to always approach conversations about “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” glassware and bar sets with an open mind. Three years ago, when people spoke about cutting down on bar or coffee trash, we never could have pictured the last year of home bartending that arrived. Similarly, when conversations began about replacing plastic bar accessories with metal or reusable options, many were slow to adopt these practices, but now they’ve become a natural part of our day to day.

In this way, it only makes sense that our readers would be eager to find their own ways to make their home bars and kitchens more mindful, so we’ve researched the best ways to sneak easy, stress-free sustainable glassware into your day to day.

Within the following list you’ll find several metal, stone, and reusable options which have either been recycled or can easily break down when the time comes. It’s always smart to look for reusable containers, tools, and glassware that is ultimately biodegradable so you never have to worry about what will happen to that tortured plastic solo cup.

What many don’t realize is that metal is actually one of the best options for eco-friendly imbibers because it’s often completely recyclable. Stainless steel for example, is 100% recyclable and typically has a longer life cycle than glass, making it a more sustainable option than plastic, glass, or even traditional aluminum.

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Read on to learn more about our favorite eco-friendly glassware.

Gold Stemless Glassware

The best sustainable glassware for wine lovers

As mentioned, because of its long life cycle, metal glassware is often more sustainable than the most popular glass or plastic options. Chief among these is usually stainless steel, which is used here but hidden beneath a dazzling layer of polished gold plating.

Not only does this design make eco-friendly imbibing so much easier, but the metal in these cups can actually intensify the aromas you find in your favorite wines. Try tasting side by side with your favorite wine glass to see what these cups can do for your weekday wine — and with a friend, as the set comes with two easy glasses.

Recycled Wine Glass Tumblers

The best recycled glass wine glasses

Sometimes, it can be hard to give up the “glass” in your favorite “glassware” — no matter how eco-friendly you are. For those moments, we always reach for these recycled wine glass tumblers, which are actually made from recycled wine bottles!

When using these, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to stop the messy flow of empty wine trash into landfills, and buying a product that promotes glass recycling. Plus, armed with these you can also feel better about emptying an extra bottle — or two — into the recycling bin.

Poppy Wine Tumbler

The best tumbler for wine lovers

This summer, many wine lovers are excited to crack open an array of new canned sparkling wine and spritzes. While these make to-go wine a breeze, all too often those cans miss the recycling bin when they’re taken up to the park or beach, so it’s always better to cut back on wine trash where you can — pun intended.

Instead of reaching for a disposable container, pour your to-go wine in a reusable cup like this tumbler. Not only will it help you cut back on trash, but it’s made of stainless steel so you know it’ll stand up to years of walking and wining to come, and it’s also a great way to skip the glass when you’re sipping poolside.

Traditional Stone Sake Set

The best eco-friendly gift set

Despite being perfect for sake, this set is incredibly versatile. That being said, with sake’s popularity on the rise, this set may be your perfect excuse to start drinking Japan’s famous beverage. Plus, with a surge of sparkling sakes hitting the market, this set could make the perfect gift for your favorite bubbly lover, and its stone construction makes it one of VinePair’s favorite sustainable picks.

The set comes with five pieces, four cups and one pitcher, so it’s perfect for laid back entertaining. Fill it with sparkling sake, mezcal, or a mineral-driven white wine for an easy night in — and then pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Iceberg Insulated Can and Bottle Cooler

A sustainable koozie for eco-friendly beer lovers

As eco-friendly as we want to be, we know it can be hard to totally ditch cans and bottles. Luckily, as long as you’re recycling you can rest a little easier, and use this insulated cooler to keep your beverages cold.

We always reach for this stainless steel insulated cooler because it’s lifespan is much longer than traditional koozies, which end up in landfills all too often. Cut back on waste with the one cooler you can rely on for the rest of your life, which features a double wall vacuum insulated chamber for maximum chilling.