Build The Perfect Home Martini Bar

Every savvy host knows the importance of owning a bar cart. Whether entertaining friends or mixing up a simple nightcap, having a well-stocked bar cart can instantly turn your living room into an intimate speakeasy.

To ensure that your bar cart is nimble enough to handle any last-minute soirée, keep it well-stocked with the basics, including a variety of glassware, bitters, your favorite spirits, and some basic tools (more on these later). Consider making room on the top shelf for all the components you’d need for a signature cocktail; that way, the party can continue seamlessly with no need to root around for particular bottles and ingredients.

If you’re looking to impress your guests with a cocktail that is as simple as it is sophisticated, opt for a timeless Martini. Investing in a high-quality gin is the number one way to elevate a Martini – and that’s where The Botanist comes in.

The Botanist gin hails from the remote island of Islay, off the coast of Scotland. It is distilled with a distinctive combination of 22 wild botanicals that have been foraged by hand in Islay. The result? A mouth-watering variety of aromatic flavor profiles – from floral to sweet, herbal, and more. These layers of flavor are highlighted beautifully in a classic Martini - a spirit-forward cocktail that showcases the Botanist’s complexity and flavor-rich makeup.

Once you’ve purchased your dream cart, the next step is to stock up on cocktail essentials. Bar cart must-haves to create a beautiful Martini consist of various bar tools, vermouth, and, of course, The Botanist.

Need some inspo? Click on the ultra-chic bar cart items below to get started on your list of Martini essentials.

A Signature Spirit

The Botanist gin is both ideal for spirit-forward cocktails like martinis and suitable to use in a range of different cocktails, thanks to its versatility of flavor. This gin is the choicest of its peers, manifesting a silky mouthfeel coupled with an alluring, herbaceous aroma of juniper and sweet citrus. On the palate, sweet, spicy, and earthy notes shine through with a burst of zesty citrus freshness. Each sip reveals deeper and more complex layers of well-balanced delicate flavors crescendoing into a warming, subtle juniper-meets-cinnamon finish. We would even venture to say it’s an enjoyable pour on its own, but we love it in a Martini.

Cocktail Pick Set

A cocktail pick is the ultimate way to beautify your Martini. Whether spearing olives or a lemon peel, these cocktail picks will add an extra touch of sophistication to your drink.

Dry Vermouth and Sweet Vermouth

A classic Martini usually calls for dry vermouth, but some variations use sweet vermouth instead. Beyond grape sort and sugar content, vermouth gathers its flavor profile from a proprietary blend of botanicals steeped into the base liquid – hence, it complements the gin in a Martini. Vermouth is wine-based, so once it’s opened, it will need to be refrigerated. Once opened, this will live in your fridge rather than on your bar cart.

Mixing Glass

A mixing glass is essential for building your Martini. Bonus: It also adds visual interest to your bar cart. Many are beautifully designed with vibrant hues or remarkable details in a straight-walled or crystal-cut glass. In addition, most mixing glasses are created with a pour spout, allowing you to strain the drink into your Nick and Nora glass neatly. For best results, chill your mixing glass for 10-15 minutes in the freezer ahead of building your drink.


We always recommend a perfectly measured pour. For this, use a jigger – the most underrated yet necessary tool for your cart. Note that jiggers come in a variety of sizes. Opt for one with one- and two-ounce measurements on either side to easily measure ingredients for different drinks.

Nick And Nora Glasses

Perhaps best known for its retro look, the benefits of the Nick and Nora glass far exceed the style. The tighter bowl of the glass has straighter sides than traditional Martini glasses, allowing it to emphasize the aromas and enhance the flavor of the cocktail. Nick and Nora glasses also keep drinks colder longer and are less prone to spill versus wide-brimmed Martini glasses. Pop these glasses in the freezer for a couple of minutes before your pour for a truly impressive Martini. We recommend starting with a set of 4.


To pour the perfect Martini, a strainer is essential. Once you’ve stirred your Martini, straining the liquid through ensures that any ice is left behind in the mixing glass. The most common type of strainer is the Hawthorne – plus, it looks extra chic and professional, too.

Cutting Board and Bar Knife Set

You’ll need somewhere to slice garnishes, so keeping a mini cutting board handy on your bar cart will make it easy to prep any ingredients without needing to shift into the kitchen. A bar knife helps with fresh, perfectly sliced citrus wheels. We love the Jackson Cannon Bar Knife created by R. Murphy Knives and award-winning mixologist Jackson Cannon.

Bar Spoon

Think of a bar spoon as the significant other to a mixing glass. Unlike a spoon you’ll find in dinnerware, the long-handled bar spoon is ideal for stirring drinks. Bar spoons come in various sizes, but the most common is 12 inches. These can also be used as swizzle sticks for drinks that are built directly in a glass.