This Is The Best Mixing Glass For Batching Cocktails

Good at-home bartenders can make a great Margarita on command. Great at-home bartenders know that you can batch them out and serve as needed.

It feels special to have a drink specially made every time you want it, but that also leaves quite a bit of room for error. It may not entirely be cold enough. Maybe you went a little heavy on the vermouth. Prebatching doesn’t remove the possibility for error, but it does mean that when you get it right, you have more of that waiting.

Especially for those spirit-forward drinks that you want ice cold like a Martini, prebatching means you can store them in your freezer and they’re at the perfect temperature when you need them the most.

Under normal circumstances, we’d say that you can and should batch out cocktails for parties and dinners and time spent with friends. But even in a time of social distancing, batching cocktails is a delicious way to be prepared. You’ll have them ready to go for impromptu FaceTimes with family, for Seamless dinners that need a fun accompaniment, for Zoom happy hours that aren’t impromptu but that you forgot about until seven and a half minutes before.

A great batched cocktail is made with great tools, and we’re fully in the camp of work smart, not hard. Thus, to make a lot of cocktails at once, you need, well, larger tools designed to hold more liquid.

Best Mixing Glass For Batched Cocktails

This professional-grade Extra Large Mixing Glass is precisely what you need to make that happen. Holding 800 ml—so, a bit more than a standard-sized bottle of wine—it can easily fit two to three drinks, plus as much ice as you need. It works with whichever bar spoon and bar strainers you prefer. It’s classically styled and will be beautiful on your bar in between uses.

The precision pour spout makes it easy to dispense, and the geometric design keeps it modern and fresh. Whether you’re mixing a beautiful pink batch of Palomas or scarlet Negronis, its thickset base will beautifully show off whatever’s inside.

Did you just master at-home bartending? Yes. Yes, you did.

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