Pinot Grigio is often a wine thought of for porch sipping and garden parties. It’s been poo-pooed as of late as being not serious and over-ordered, and while it’s true that there are some seriously mass-produced bottles on the market, there are also still some stunners.

Case in point, Scarbolo Ramato Pinot Grigio. This single-vineyard wine is made by allowing the grapes to macerate with their skins, a practice that is rare in making white wine but used in every red. This “orange” wine has body and structure along with its crisp and refreshing character. It’s these characteristics that cause the wine to be much more serious than its garden-party siblings. It’s a wine meant for meals, not slugging.

Scarbolo Ramato Pinot Grigio XL 2013On the nose the wine reveals lemon peel, cranberry and rose. On the palate the wine has depth. There is acidity, to be sure, but there is also a creaminess to the wine that makes it incredibly palatable. It’s a fantastic wine that will totally change your mind about Pinot Grigio. That is, if you needed to have your mind changed in the first place.

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