At VinePair, we know that our readers love beer as much as we do, and the reasons go far beyond malt, hops, and yeast. What we love, as much as the liquid itself, is the community that craft beer has created across the nation. It's this collaborative spirit and experimental ethos that brought us more than 100 beer styles, 8,000 breweries (and counting) across the U.S., and countless new ways to connect over a pint — or online with the latest haul of artfully designed cans.

That’s why, as we transition from the hop harvest to fall tailgates, and from shandies and festbiers to winter warmers, we’re devoting October to American beer. Expect in-depth explorations of the almighty IPA, brewers' picks for the best of the most controversial beer styles (hint: one rhymes with "bumpkin"), and recommendations for everything from pre-Pro lagers to pastry stouts. We'll also profile craft beer's innovators and analyze the key issues facing the industry today. Join us in celebrating this uniquely American beverage, the spaces it creates, and the people it serves.

Cheers! — The Editors