Not all vodkas are created equal. (Here are some of our favorite bottles for people who think they don’t like the stuff.) Unfortunately, quality spirits are often obscured by expensive marketing campaigns insisting good, unblemished vodkas require considerable investment. That’s simply not the case. There are several budget-friendly options that won’t leave you or your savings in anguish the next morning.

Here are eight vodkas that won’t break the bank. All prices via Wine Searcher.

New Amsterdam Vodka

new amsterdam is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsYou likely know the New Amsterdam name from gin, but the original, five-times distilled, three-times filtered New Amsterdam Vodka is worth a look. It’s a solid go-to for your bar cart, and will fulfill all cocktail needs at your next party (or any personal vodka cocktail needs, of course). Average price: $12


luksusowa is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsIf there’s anyone who knows good potato vodka, it’s the Poles. Luksusowa is easy-drinking and smooth, and comes at a price that you simply can’t pass up. The name directly translates to “luxury,” which is how you’ll feel after buying a bottle of Luksusowa with an otherwise paltry billfold. Average price: $12


monopolowa is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsMonopolowa is another potato vodka, this time from Austria, that is worth seeking out. (If you’re catching onto the trend here, potatoes make good, affordable vodka.) Monopolowa is made from a couple of special varieties of potatoes, and it’s as crisp and clean as you could want a vodka to be. Average price: $13


finlandia is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsWhen describing vodka, it’s too easy to lean heavily on the concept of clean and smooth. Finlandia’s classic vodka is a perfect example of why. It’s made with barley and untainted glacial water, and belongs in your glass over ice or in your spirit-forward vodka cocktail. Average price: $14


vikingfjord is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsVikingfjord is a Norwegian vodka that’s “made by people who conquered the cold.” Having tried the spirit in the cold plenty of times, I can assure you that it’s exactly what you need when the snow is piling up around you. Or when it’s 100 degrees and you need some chilled vodka. Or any time, really. Average price: $16


absolut is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsA distillery in the tiny Swedish village of Åhus changed the world of vodka with Absolut. Absolut has a clean, slightly grainy aroma and flavor that mixes well into cocktails and goes down smooth on the rocks. At this price point, it’s hard to beat Åhus’s signature product. Average price: $20

Simple Vodka

simple is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsSimplify the choice for affordable vodka with Simple Vodka. It’s a potato vodka with a slightly sweet taste and close to zero alcohol burn. Best of all, the brand donates to U.S. hunger relief organizations. By buying a bottle of Simple you’re buying 20 meals for a family in need (one meal per drink in the bottle). Average price: $25

Grand Teton Born and Bred

born and bred is one of the best tasting cheap vodka brandsScandinavia and Eastern Europe don’t hold the monopoly on solid potato vodka. Grand Teton Distillery is an American craft vodka made from tubers grown in the home of American potatoes: Idaho. Actor Channing Tatum is behind this brand, and it’s one of the only vodkas at this price point that can be enjoyed unchilled and neat. Average price: $25