This article is part of our Celebrity Tequila series. Read more about the rise of A-lister agave spirits here.

There are a number of reasons a celebrity might launch a tequila brand, and we’ve explored them in great detail before. But needless to say, if there’s one type of spirit that offers more A-lister options than all others, it’s Mexico’s world-famous agave distillate.

But how many among them truly live up to the hype of their high-profile backers and founders? VinePair put them to the test to find out. Here are 10 of the best celebrity tequilas, tasted and ranked.

10. Casamigos Blanco

Casamigos is one of the best celebrity tequilas.

Celebrity tequilas existed before George Clooney’s Casamigos, but the success of this brand and the astronomical sum paid for Casamigos mean no conversation about A-lister agave can take place without it. The profile of this blanco tequila leans more into artificial vanilla notes than earthy agave, making it an easygoing option for those first exploring the category. While not one for purists, it remains popular for reasons beyond the Clooney factory. Average price: $45.

9. Ambhar Tequila Plata

Ambhar is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

After clarifying exactly who Chris Noth is you might find yourself asking, “Wait, Mr. Big has a tequila?” Indeed he does, and it’s not too bad at all, come to mention it. This blanco seems to have feet in two worlds: Distinct vegetal notes from agave are maintained, but the profile also has rounded edges, and a sweet, almost smoky finish. Average price: $38.

8. Próspero Blanco

Prospero Blanco is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Rita Ora’s Próspero Blanco is a fairly drastic, though enjoyable detour from the typical profile of unaged tequila. It leans heavily into dried and fresh floral notes, particularly on the nose. The palate is smooth-sipping and pleasantly sweet, but doesn’t offer much in the way of identifiable agave notes. Average price: $38.

7. Villa One Añejo

Villa One is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Launched by singer Nick Jonas and fashion designer John Varvatos in 2019, this añejo tequila is the pick of Villa One’s lineup. Its aromas showcase funky charred pineapple notes, which riff nicely off scents of vanilla and general sweetness. This tequila sips well neat, and at just over 50 bucks for the bottle, you should absolutely consider it for tequila Old Fashioneds, too. Average price: $55.

6. Santo Fino Blanco

Santo Fino is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Please leave your reservations about the Mayor of Flavortown at the door; this blanco tequila from Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar is legit. An aromatic delight that kicks off with honey, candied lemon, cloves, and banana aromas, the palate then delivers subtle floral notes and green olives on the finish. The strange mix of flavors works surprisingly well. Just as remarkable is the complexity and nuance of this celeb tequila. Average price: $41.

5. Cincoro Reposado

Cincoro Reposado is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Michael Jordan reportedly sipped on the $1,800 extra añejo from his Cincoro brand during the hours of interviews for the hit documentary series “The Last Dance.” We recommend saving a lot of money and opting instead for the brand’s (still-pricey) reposado. It is sweet, spicy, and incredibly easy drinking, whether sipped neat or mixed in baller cocktails. Average price: $92.

4. Casa Noble Añejo

Casa Noble is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Mexican musician Carlos Santana sold his stake in Casa Noble to Constellation Brands in 2014. While its celebrity association is now more diluted than many of the other brands listed, Casa Noble delivers consistent quality and value across its lineup. We particularly enjoy the rich agave character and luscious oak notes of this affordable añejo. Average price: $56.

3. Lobos 1707 Reposado

Lobos 1707 Reposado is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Founded by actor and entrepreneur Diego Osorio, and backed by LeBron James in November 2020, Lobos 1707 takes an innovative approach to tequila-making: The brand finishes its entire line — including the blanco — in Pedro Ximénez wine barrels. The influence of oak takes center stage (or court) on this 7-month-aged reposado, where luscious agave syrup notes meet subtle spice and dried fruits. Average price: $49.

2. Teremana Blanco

Teremana Blanco is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Teremana tequila brand debuted in March 2020. Johnson’s incredible social media following all but guaranteed success, regardless of what he put in bottles. But tasting this tequila, it’s a pleasure to confirm that Teremana appears to steer clear of additives and flavorings. This blanco maintains the true spirit of agave, with pronounced vegetal character, complex black olive umami notes, and enjoyable spice. Average price: $31.

1. Código 1530 Reposado

Codigo 1530 is one of the 10 best celebrity tequilas.

Feel free to pick up any of the bottles from country singer-songwriter George Strait’s Código 1530 line and know that all will deliver. We’ve long been fans of the complex blanco; innovative, rose-tinted rosa; and the range of aged options. But while it’s a tough call, Código’s reposado may just be the best of the bunch. It builds on the nuanced blanco with layers of subtle oak-aging notes, and has the character and versatility to sip neat or mix high-class cocktails. Average price: $69.