It started with a simple prompt: “Wine people of the world! What do you think are the newest wine trends we will see in 2022?”

Then it kind of descended into chaos.

“Well, 2021 ended with an Oreo red wine so I’m seeing a full Nabisco line of wine crossovers,” penned u/Dravin84, distinguished with the label of “wino.” “Triscuit Traminette, Chicken in a Biscuit Bobal, Chips Ahoy Albariño, Fig Newton Nero d’Avola, Pinwheel Pinot Noir, and of course Ritz Riesling.”

The prompt was posted Jan. 11 by David_Bowies_Drugs on Reddit, and within 22 hours had garnered 223 individual predictions and comments. Some were practical, with assumptions such as seeing a decrease in popularity for funky skin contact whites or the rise of good wines in alternate packaging — others were more grandiose shots in the dark.

Bordeaux will have the vintage of the century,” posted TheRealVinosity.

“I’ve lost count of how many Bordeaux vintages of the century there have been,” replied vinidiot.

The wine subreddit (r/wine), as of publication, has over 168 thousand members and has been running since 2008. Users on the forum typically post photos of boast-worthy bottles or ask for recommendations, giving wine enthusiasts the opportunity to casually flex their muscles. But every now and again, users let a little bit loose to poke fun at the industry, like pointing out the absurdity of junk food collaborations or the trivial nature of some ranking systems.

Here are 10 of the best 2022 trend predictions we saw in this r/wine thread, but there are hundreds of other predictions and musings in the subreddit itself.