The Texas State Fair is known for fried everything. There are fried Oreos, fried Twinkies, and even fried alligator. But there’s another thing Texans love: beer. Beer is the most popular type of alcohol in the Lone Star State, so it’s not a terribly surprising turn of events that fried food has become beer food. Instead of fried Oreos being the hit, it’s the Barrera food stand’s Oreo beer, which is an American milk stout garnished with an Oreo cookie. The cup is then rimmed with Oreo filling and crushed up Oreo bits. Step aside Left Hand milk stout.

The beer’s creator claims that the drinkable dessert-like beer features flavors of “vanilla, brown sugar, and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.” It may seem like a misadventure, but the beer certainly gets points for creativity. This isn’t the first unusual duo we’ve seen when it comes to beer that’s way out there. Dunkin’ Donuts teamed up with Catawba Brewing Company and featured a Dunkin Punkin’ brown ale for national coffee day, and one brewery went so far out as to brew a beer with Captain Crunch cereal.

While Shiner Bock and Lone Star remain some of the more popular beer options in Texas, the fair presents an opportunity to experiment with unusual combinations. Dallas is also home to a burgeoning craft beer scene, so expect to encounter some Deep Ellum and Revolver as well as Oreos. Also remember to root for the Texas Longhorns as they go up against the Oklahoma Sooners at the Cotton Bowl this Saturday. Hook ‘em Horns!