America runs on Dunkin’, and now it’s running on Dunkin’ beer. Dunkin’ Donuts teamed up with Catawba Brewing Company to release the coffee chain’s first ever brew. Dunkin’ Punkin’ Brown Ale is a cold brew, pumpkin-flavored beer that uses Dunkin’s flavorings, according to Fortune. No surprise here, but there’s no shortage of pumpkin flavored beers, and the style remains controversial, as VinePair has routinely covered. Nevertheless, Dunkin’ is giving a whole new meaning to beer for breakfast.

There’s only one downside. Unfortunately, as a result of draconian liquor laws, patrons won’t be able to purchase Dunkin’ Punkin’ at Dunkin’ Donuts. Catawba will be offering the brew today, National Coffee Day, at its four tasting rooms, though. Many alcohol companies do their part to contribute to their communities, and Catawba will be donating $1 of every beer sold to a local food bank.

Billy and Scott Pyatt founded Catawba brewing company when they purchased the assets from a closed down Colorado brewery, rented a U-haul, and drove back to North Carolina. It took them three years to find the right space for their emerging brewery, and even once they settled on a decrepit building in Glen Alpine, North Carolina, they still needed to employ dairy equipment and jerry-rig parts to start brewing. Today, the brewery is located in Morganton, North Carolina, which produces their 9 flagships beers. Their second location in Asheville brews their small batch beer, and is also home to their barrel-aging facility. Catawba opened their third brewery in early 2017 in Charlotte.

Catawba only brewed 60 kegs for this limited release, so hurry up before they’re tapped out.