Cap’n Crunch Beer Is Now a Thing

1 minute Read

Beer and cereal together… gag-worthy or genius? Before you go pouring your next tall boy into your morning bowl of cereal, which will probably result in the former, check out the latest project from Somerville Brewing, set to release within the next few weeks. Somerville Brewing is set to release a Belgian Ale brewed with everyone’s favorite childhood cereal, Cap’n Crunch Berries.

As reports, the ale will clock in at 9 percent ABV and will be called “Saturday Morning” — a perfectly fitting name, considering the Somerville taproom has Cartoon Network on 24/7. Brendan O’Toole, sales and operation manager at the brewery, tells that the recipe is simple. “Start with a base recipe roughly similar to that of our Trekker Trippel and add the breakfast cereal during the mash-in. We also added a good amount of flaked corn to the mash in order to add smoothness to the body and further emphasize the cereal-like overtones.”

The beer is set to release mid-March and will be available for purchase in their taproom, as well as locally distributed. Saturday mornings just got a whole lot better in our opinion.

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