In the future, your espresso shot on the go could become a phonespresso shot on the go. Either that, or everyone’s future phonespressos will be an explosive fire starter. An Italian company called Mokase is working on a phone case that can heat up and pour an espresso straight from your phone.

Mokase launched on Kickstarter in early May with a bold claim: a handheld espresso maker that fits on your phone. The finished product will heat water to between 122 and 140 Fahrenheit, then pour the water over a small Keurig-like pod and make a 25 milliliter espresso shot (a standard espresso is 29 milliliters). The shot pours from the top of the case. Considering how fired up the airlines got over Samsung Galaxy phones heating up and exploding, anyone with a Mokase probably won’t be allowed on planes.

The case works by using a built in battery to heat a special cartridge. The case connects to your phone, and is controlled via app. It’ll be compatible with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG.

There’s just one problem. Kickstarter kicked Mokase off the platform because it didn’t have a prototype to show potential purchasers.

Mokase’s website is still up and running, though. Visit the page and you’ll see a well-produced video of a man helping out a woman who’s too late for work to grab an espresso. You’ll also see the expected release date (September 2017), and the early bird price of around $30.

Without a proven prototype, the release date seems a little ambitious. But the real question might not be whether it will ever be released. The real question is simply, “Why?” Does it really have to be a phone case? A portable, pocket-sized espresso maker seems both more practical and more safe for phones. Then again, in the age of avolattes and 40-ounce rosé, perhaps we should just ask, “Why not?”