It’s hard to tell these days the difference between people being innovative with food, and the people who are so clearly out there to fulfill dreams of going viral. The latest: the “avolatte,” which is a latte served inside of half an avocado. Welcome to 2017, the year that avocado officially peaked as the ultimate food for gentrifying hipsters.

The avolatte started at the Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia, according to Tasting Table. The internet ignited (as expected). From tweets like “Go home hipsters. You are drunk,” to Merriam-Webster’s tweet: “Word We’re Not Watching: avolatte.”

The internet trolls have, of course, gone wrong in many ways. One of Truman Cafe’s baristas, Jaydin Nathan, told News AU that the avolatte “was actually just a joke. It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

A very, very trendy piece of rubbish. Next level rubbish. Rubbish that used to hold all that a certain subset of a certain generation adores. But can you really blame the trolls for jumping to conclusions? Australia was where avocado toast started. Recently, the Washington Post published a story that included the line, “avocado toast is why millennials can’t afford to buy houses.”

Joke or not, it’s probably coming to Brooklyn soon. Don’t worry.