Although more adults say they are participating in Dry January this year compared to previous years, only 52 percent plan to fully abstain from alcohol for the duration of the month, according to a recent report.

According to data analytics and consulting firm Morning Consult, one in five adults say they will go “dry” this January, compared to 13 percent in 2021. Or at least, drier: Part of the reason for the surge in participants is a redefinition of the classic New Year’s resolution. Rather than completely abstaining, the study explains, more consumers are considering mindfully lowering their alcohol intake throughout the month. This year, 48 percent of respondents who are participating in Dry January say they plan to drink less alcohol this month, rather than none at all; 23 percent say that they will only drink alcohol a few days during the month, while 24 percent claim they will drink more than a few days, but less than they typically drink.

According to Morning Consult, this majority of new participants are from Millennial respondents, which comprise 27 percent of Dry January participants this year, compared to 16 percent last year.

The Morning Consult report also notes that most are partaking for the health benefits, with 91 percent citing it as their primary reason. This comes as good news for many non-alcoholic drinks brands that have launched in the past year with the angle of promoting healthier lifestyles.