In the wake of a challenging 2020, many are abstaining from alcohol to reset the clock.

A recent survey found this year more adults plan to participate in “Dry January” — a month when many go without alcohol to create a fresh start — than years prior. The poll was conducted by Morning Consult, a growing data solutions firm, and found that 13 percent of adults plan to go sober this January, while only 11 percent tried last year.

The majority of the adults polled said they will be participating because they are “trying to be healthier.” Many also insist they were “trying to drink less overall” and 49 percent said they felt they were “drinking too much during Covid-19.”

At this point, the non-alcoholic beverage space is quickly expanding and enjoyed $1.1 billion in sales in 2019. Nevertheless, 73 percent of those polled in Morning Consult’s survey said “they had not heard about Dry January.”

With a slew of and non-alcoholic beers and spirits hitting the market, there are more opportunities than ever to explore new drinks while staying on the wagon.