Cat Wine
Photo via Apollo Peak

Imagine: It’s movie night in your household, and you’re taking shelter from the cold with blankets, Netflix, and a bottle of wine. Your cat jumps onto the couch to join you, and you let him partake of the blankets and the Netflix. But wait. Your feline friend gets to enjoy all of the other pleasures… why not the wine?

The wait for cat wine is officially over, friends. It can be your reality thanks to a company called Apollo Peak. Apollo Peak makes wine for cats and dogs so you never have to drink alone.

To be fair, it’s not technically wine. It’s non alcoholic, and the cat wine is made with water, catnip, beets, salt, and ascorbic acid, not grapes. It’s a reddish-purple color from the beets that somewhat resembles wine, and it comes from a wine shaped bottle though. And of course, it comes in cat-friendly names like Pinot Meow, MosCATo, White Kittendel, and Catbernet.

Just because it’s non alcoholic doesn’t mean your cats won’t get ratchet after a glass thanks to the catnip. The nepetalactone in catnip has an intoxicating effect when cats inhale it that turns them on. Like, literally turns them on. It stimulates a “semi-sexual response, which results in rolling on the floor, head shaking, rubbing, drooling, and ripping apart catnip mice,” National Geographic explains. One hit lasts for around 15 minutes, if, that is, your cat is one of the 70 to 80 percent of cats who are into doing catnip.

Is wine for pets just a company trolling impressionable American pet owner’s needs to anthropomorphize their animals and escape from reality? Probably. But we already have cat bars, and winery cats have long been a secret to a successful vineyard.

Maybe dogs are more your pace, though. If that’s the case, grab some ZinfanTail or Malbark. It doesn’t have the same stimulating effect on dogs as cats, but let’s be honest, your dog is just excited she’s getting a gift.

No matter who you are, few things can complete a wine night at home with your pets like a bottle of pet wine.