12 Adorable Winery Cats

One thing that unites “dog people” and “cat people”—being “wine people.” Which is why we’re doing a feline follow-up to our catalogue of the 14 Winery Pooches To Melt Your Heart.

Now where a winery dog might reasonably be expected to perform some particular function on the winery or vineyard grounds—keeping the vineyard manager company, patrolling the grounds for moles, digging random holes for no apparent reason—winery cats serve an entirely different function. Namely, do whatever the hell they want, because that’s what cats do.

As you’ll see in more than a few of the photos below, winery cats aren’t on the prowl for varmint (not unless the mood strikes them). They’re more likely to be found on the prowl for a good place to lay out. Of course some winery cats serve as a little mascot, the same as winery dogs, even if they do tend to greet tasting room visitors with slightly less overt…esteem. But we still love them, and not only because a relaxing cat looks like the physical embodiment of what a nice wine buzz should feel like.

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And yes, in case you were wondering and/or can’t get enough winery cats, the writers of Wine Dogs have indeed come out with a companion Wine Catsbecause there can’t be enough adorable animals. Just like there can’t be enough wine.

*All cat names link to the photo source. 

Jack of Kendall-Jackson, Fulton, CA

“This is the face I make when I’m thinking about biting you. Just a heads up.”


Amelia at Campbell’s Wines, Rutherglen, AU

“Oh, you actually think some of this wine is for you?”


Jezebel of Rancho Sisquoc, Santa Maria, CA

“Are these grape vines? Wow, we’re gonna make a LOT of wine.”


Peekabo of Jessie’s Grove Winery, Lodi, CA

“This is the nicest scratch post anyone’s ever gotten me.”


Stella of Innman Family Wines, Santa Rosa, CA

“Kitty sneak attack!”


Luke of Bethel Heights Vineyard, Salem, OR

“Nothing about this is creepy, right?”


Warren of Fabbioli Cellars, Leesburg, VA

“Um, waiter? Am I supposed to be getting my own refill? You realize I weight, like, 25 pounds, right?”


Orange Cat at Sukula Winery, Piedmont, IT

“It’s good to have land.”


Fritz the Cat of Fritz Colony Winery, Charlottesville, VA

“I’m just gonna check whose purse this is…”


Sangiovese of Whidbey Island Winery, Langley, WA

“Yo, can anyone get me a refill? I would but I’m actually entirely made of fluff.”


Flint of Willowcraft Farm Vineyards, Leesburg, VA

“Guarding the vineyard takes a lot out of you. It’s time for nap number seven.”


Dude of Bella Luna Winery, Templeton, CA

“Easy. Easy. I’m just gonna leap directly into your face…”


Fiona of Bernat Winery, Los Olivos, CA

“Yes. If you were wondering, this look is ‘scorn.’ I’m a cat. I mean, it’s kind of my thing.”


Header image via Megan’s Island