A cat bar is exactly what it sounds like: a bar where people can have a glass of wine, or a pint of beer while playing with rescued cats. For cat fanatics who enjoy a drink or two, or lets face it a night of drinks, this is the perfect combination. In Japan, hanging out with (and adopting) cats has been easy, thanks to a prevalence of these cat bars. Now Denver is getting one as well.

Eighteen months ago the Denver Cat Company started with a vision: to be a sanctuary for cats without owners and a place where Denver citizens could enjoy the soothing presence of some kittens looking for love. The company created their first venture, a cat café, and after a year and a half and 150 adoptions, they’ve decided to get a little more adventurous by creating a bar.

The concept of the bar is exactly the same as the café. Plus booze. Though, first and foremost, it’s a space for people and cats to meet and hopefully go home together. The alcohol aspect comes second. If you’re looking to party all night, this won’t be the place. In fact, drinks will be sold in a different section than the actual lounge, where the cats roam free.

That isn’t just a good idea because drunk people and cats don’t have spaces to mingle. It’s a good idea because the bar’s aim isn’t to make money with a “gimmick of kittens,” but to provide rescued kittens with a comfy home until they can find a long term one. And while the word “rescue” can sometimes have the connotation of “flawed” in regards to pets, especially in terms of their health, this won’t be a worry for the bar’s customers. The Denver Cat Company only sources fully vetted cats.; the cats roaming in the bar will be perfectly suitable to adopt and bring home on any given night.

Meaning, if all goes well, in the very least, humans can mingle with kittens over a nice glass of vino. But if they enjoy their company, they can pay the tab and take their furry date home, hoping to get them into their bed for the night.