AriZona Beverages has long been recognized for its signature 23-ounce “Big Can” teas and juices. For over 20 years, the family-owned New York-based company has grown steadily to become one of America’s largest tea brands.

This summer, AriZona is making an important addition to its portfolio. Confirmed March 18 in a Twitter post, the brand will start selling AriZona Hard Green Tea, a vodka-based, 5-percent ABV beverage, in Canada.

Credit: AriZona /

AriZona has experimented with spiked beverages before, having worked with Molson Coors to create Arnold Palmer Spiked in March 2019. However, the creation of Hard Green Tea follows the growing demand for alternative spiked beverages and hard seltzers.

AriZona has been coy about a Hard Tea release-date for the American market, but the U.S. release surely can’t be too far behind Canada’s. With the success of Arnold Palmer Spiked and the success of existing competitors like Twisted Tea, AriZona is primed to compete with category leaders such as White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light Hard Seltzer.

One thing’s for sure: When it hits the market, AriZona’s latest offering will add a whole new dimension to “tea time.”