In the spirit of giving the people what they want, Applebee’s is adding $2 frosty of Dos Equis to its drink menus nationwide for the month of May. Beginning May 1, 2018, customers can add a cool, refreshing Dos Equis Amber or Lager, served in a frosty 10-ounce mug, for a song.

The new “$2 Dos” campaign is a sequel to the chain’s wildly successful “Dollaritas” promotion, which consists of—you guessed it–$1 Margaritas. It returned this spring after making a splash with customers last October (even after a disgruntled bartender’s accusations that the drinks were mostly watered down mixer).

The Dollaritas promotion boosted sales nearly 9% compared to the previous year, igniting seven straight months of what Applebee’s calls “Neighborhood Drink of the Month” drink specials. Previous entries included $1 Bahama Mamas and Long Island Iced Teas, and $2 vodka lemonades and Blue Moon beers.

“[The Dollarita]’s been such a big hit with our guests that we’re keeping it around for Cinco de Mayo when folks have Margaritas on their minds,” Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, said in a press release. “We thought our May neighborhood drink, the 2 Dollar Dos, would be an excellent compliment to the Dollarita and is a big win for our guests.”

If the past few months are any indication, customers are loving the drink promotions. And why not? For the price of a cheap sombrero and an Uber, you can get a sweet buzz and plenty of snacks, all month long.